Friday, February 25, 2011

Thia Megia: TOP 24 American Idol 10!

Thia Megia was the last girl to be announced on the top 24 of the latest season of American Idol 10. Along with her is a fellow Filipino American Clint Jun Gamboa who also has a very powerful voice.

I am really excited for them two to make their mark on Idol 10 and i hope Filipino's will support and vote for them. At only 15 i know that Thia will go a long, long way because she really has the right attitude and passion for music and to succeed! I couldn't be more prouder. She sings mostly old songs and giving it new twists and making it her own and giving it fresh voice. People are starting to compare her with Charice but i think that they both are great and yes... the music industry is so wide so there is enough room for them right?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prayers coming from my heart...

For these past weeks i have been attacked with severe anxiety, panic and distress all because of the negative things that have been happening lately around me and i feel so powerless to do anything about those things that all i can do is close my eyes, open my heart and begin to pray.

Prayer is my single most powerful weapon and i believe in its effects and what it can do to your soul, your mind and of course your heart.

So to my sisterhood out there who also felt so low, so down and out...just say your most simplest prayer...He is always listening.

Monday, February 14, 2011

What is the Value of your life?

Ironic isn't it?February is supposed to be the month of LOVE...happy valentines day everyone who still believes in this tradition..are you one of those people? And what did you get by the way?me? nada!but i don't mind i wasn't expecting anything at all...

But then much for our heart...i am meaning to talk about the value of life because recently i am noticing that too many people are dying for actually useless reasons then again i ask myself why?what is happening to humanity?what is happening to our peaceful city?Do we get to blame the government?blame ourselves?blame the bad guys?blame the system?Just last week my cousin was shot to death by a hold upper whom claimed to be a minor(i don't really know why does he have to shot my cousin) but yeah at that instant his life was taken away from him and leaving behind a daughter, a small son, and a grieving wife..not to mention the heartache of the shocked parents and siblings...then at that very same day a 6 year old girl was abducted killed and thrown away somewhere in Barili...the suspects are now caught a Filipina woman and a Norwegian foreighner...the of course denied their participation of the crime and their attorney said that their alibis are solid and strong...well, whatever would be the outcome of this tragedy it will never ever bring back the life of an innocent child...then again a neighbor of mine died of heart attack because of drug overdose and lack of sleep...what a waste!

So this really keeps me thinking and pondering how quickly life can be taken away from us be it our choice or stolen away from us...and i have this to say to all of you..wherever you are at your life right now....say thank you for the gift of life and treasure those people whom matters to you because life is so unexpected!