Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anne Curtis : Anne-bisyosa ALBUM

Finally! that is what i have to say...this album is not to be taken seriously said Anne but i know she is crossing her fingers that she can have a singing career since she herself admitted that she is a frustrated singer. She even said that she waited for 14 years for this dream to come true.

By the way have you seen Anne's new commercial where she is also singing to the tone of Charice's song Pyramid? only the lyrics were changed...actually all of her commercials nowadays she really is she is really serious? It's funny because she now can carry a tone maybe she has undergone voice lessons and what do we know one day she will have her first ever major concert...will you come? maybe if it is in Cebu...that sure will be funny!

Her album will include a duet with Sarah Geronimo and with a collaboration with Mr. Andrew that is something to look forward too and songs include Anne's favorites high notes Total Eclipse of the Heart, Alone and many watch out for it this coming August.

So it's not just a simple sample in Showtime anymore?

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