Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sunday Trip to Simala

IT was a bright Sunday morning of June 26, 2011 just a few days after Megan's third birthday. I had to get up 5:00 AM early for me right? hehehe...what can I say to that? the girl is just so so excited to go on this trip down south. With the other two kids already towed away to my in-laws then the morning preparations were smooth as cream...finally around 8:00 am we are already on board our precious bike.

We passed the lonely streets of Colon and Jones Ave., no traffic coz its Sunday, passing by Carbon Market, not too crowded either, and then to SRP, usually hubby drives a little speedier when its a very long trip and all I could do is make a sing of the cross...there i was tagging along in the ride for mostly 2 hours non-stop going to our destination.

I really like this trip particularly because Megan is already bigger, unlike the trips we had before, she can now enjoy the beauty of her surroundings, the mountains, the seashores, the cows, the goats, the carabaos..oh its a never ending shout of sheer delight and Im just happy to feel the breeze of fresh air touching my face and also the smell of the sea....gosh how i missed the outdoors and all those road trips.

By 11:00 am..we arrived at the gate of the Monastery and by then started to walk...all the way up to the Church. The Church itself has gotten bigger because the extension building is almost finished. The mass will start by 12:00 noon so we have an hour to stroll the whole Monastery, nothing much changed really except for the extension building...there are still many devotees and visitors from everywhere, we took our time posing for the pictures.

I have been visiting Simala for the past four years now and its usually after Megan's birthday, i cannot describe enough in words what i feel when i set foot on that mountain, despite the fatigue and the heat of the sun and long travel...when you get up there ...there is a sense of inner peace and happiness...I feel so blessed. Thank you Mama Mary for giving Megan into our lives. I will forever be grateful and will come back every year.

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