Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Spaghetti Craving was Finally Granted!

Call me shallow but can you blame me if i have been craving for a bowl of pasta oozing with that red tomato sauce and hefty amount of cheese?

Sunday came and then after doing my mound full of dirty clothes i asked Z to buy me tomato sauce for my spag...he was hesitant at first because its raining and he is thinking of something else to eat..sigh!

But i cannot be ignored coz i have been ignoring this emptiness of pasta deprivation..nakks!

After less than 30 minutes all fo my kids including me is attacking the table with much gusto! I have never been so you can call me shallow...oh how i wish i had taken picture of my three kids with the sauce all over their faces...but i got busy myself.hehehehe!

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