Monday, April 18, 2011

Green Rose: Jerome is Back BIGTIME!

As the story continues Jerome is back with a vengeance and as usual EVERYONE IS SHOCKED! Including Edward Fuentabella and Angela...i am super excited for the next scenes and for the finale. One thing i hate watching Green Rose is the recap of the past episodes are so far back and you have to be patient enough if you are a fan of the show. I wonder how will Edward react if indeed he will discover that it is really Jerome and very much alive.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cebu City is getting dirtier!

When i drive around the city i can see lots of plastic bags with garbages in it...try to look around it in Colon, Carbon, Jones Avenue, actually in every major streets in the i have read that Inayawan Dumpsite is closing and that our household garbages will not be picked up if it is not properly segregated.

People here are complaining why an added burden to separate their trashes when it is not their job...and the trucks are always delayed in collecting...what is really happening to our city. TO be honest, our city is really getting dirtier and there are so many sores for the eyes, not to mention the street children roaming around, the homeless people, the garbages, the tulisans.


I do i have been watching this show since season 3 and closely following each and every episodes and all the reruns including Season 1 up to season here in Phils.. they are starting to air Season 6 and i could not be more happier to see all my favorite characters.

Why do i like the show so much? despite the fact that i really could not stand the gruesome scenes of dead people murdered, kidnapped, and killed? not to mention all the spatter of bloods? I like it because it has more drama than a drama series you can find in local channels, it tells stories of human, or inhuman behaviors, the sick minds, how they think and act..really the show is more of human acts and sickness but out of all that goodness of humanity still comes out and prevail from the characters, the emotions that they have to deal to keep their sanity in such an insane work that they have to face everyday.

I like JJ played by AJ Cook. She is a very strong woman despite conflicts with the family and i will be very sad if she disappears on this particular season.

Watch the show on FOX channels.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Still SOOO SAD because Thia was voted out!

I still could not get over my sadness over the result of last week's elimination...Naima and Thia were both great that night and i did not even like Paul's was Randy's comment about Thia that really turned me off...i really do not know what they wanted her to sucks!But i still love you Thia...and i know that they are wrong voting you out!

Here is Thia's rendition of Elton John's DANIEL...she did justice to it and she sang it beautifully!