Sunday, April 28, 2013

A New Leash on Life

This blog has been practically dead, for a year, this used to be my baby and then when lots of hope and aspirations Boom! I just abandoned it. Like I always tell myself, I am too busy to post and also I know deep down inside that small voice is telling me, I am just not that inspired anymore, that old me is gone, that passionate side of me is forgotten. ! Then again, life goes on, I now maintain an online job, I still take care of the kids, though I know I am not that great as a mom, I am more into reading e-books now just getting back that old habit of reading is a great feeling in fact I have more than a hundred titles waiting for me and yeah did I mention it feels great? Just last week I attended a summit for online workers like me and it is good to meet people who have works like you, sharing experiences and ideas atop a mountain with the good old moon, it was a great relaxing experience. Also just yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend a meetup of all Cebuanas on the Web, it was a sponsored event and it was very enlightening, heartwarming, informative and it was once experience that I will never forget. You see, I am trying to get back on the track here, I am once again inspired to revive this blog, to make a change, not the whole world but with every little step in a very little way that I can. I hope to keep the fire burning, now that I am up and running again, I am now hoping to be more confident with my work, my passion, my being and I pray that whoever reads this, I have inspired you too to find what is your true passion in life, what truly makes you happy and continue to be an inspiration to others. In this life I continue to wander, to pursue my dreams until the end. That I can say yeah that was some ADVENTURE

Friday, March 1, 2013

Truly Shined Like a Diamond on her 28th Birthday

If you are a fan of Anne Curtis and a follower too then you are in the loop! Last Sunday Anne's birthday performance in weekly noontime musical show ASAP was a stellar success! Not only was she shining with her performance, along with her the whole production props and the wet look it was a bomb! Not only that too, you know Anne she is a fashion forward icon in her own right, that slit? Yeah, even Jericho was shocked and do not know what to do, run to her and cover the supposed to be hidden diamonds(LOL!) Did she do it in purpose? We don't know! But we are pretty sure MTRCB is keeping an eye on ASAP. It is there job anyways! As to Anne, i am still a huge fan of yours! Wardrobe Malfunction or NOT, you ROCKED Philippines and every time you pop out on TV. You made sure that people will notice you and that is what makes you very interesting and yeah successful. We don't judge!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kris Aquino is Playing Santa Today!

Right you heard me right the first time, Kris Aquino is playing Santa today to her 42 very lucky chosen fans, damn i wish i tried harder to be qualified. Those lucky audience/recipient of Kris' generous heart came home dragging those many, many stuff from shampoo, washing machines, gift baskets, belo products, shoes, bag(1 LV bag) for a lucky winner, Philip Stein watches...i mean wow, she is like Oprah in the Philippines, of course we could say it is easy for her to do that because most of the products are provided by those companies that she is endorsing but who have done it lately right? Yeah Willi R. can do that too but i think Kris can afford to do this kind of thing yearly, on her birthday month! I salute her, her generous heart, her friends, her kindness, her intelligence, he opinions and i know that she is at peace with everybody and I truly wish her more blessings in life.