Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kris Aquino is Playing Santa Today!

Right you heard me right the first time, Kris Aquino is playing Santa today to her 42 very lucky chosen fans, damn i wish i tried harder to be qualified. Those lucky audience/recipient of Kris' generous heart came home dragging those many, many stuff from shampoo, washing machines, gift baskets, belo products, shoes, bag(1 LV bag) for a lucky winner, Philip Stein watches...i mean wow, she is like Oprah in the Philippines, of course we could say it is easy for her to do that because most of the products are provided by those companies that she is endorsing but who have done it lately right? Yeah Willi R. can do that too but i think Kris can afford to do this kind of thing yearly, on her birthday month! I salute her, her generous heart, her friends, her kindness, her intelligence, he opinions and i know that she is at peace with everybody and I truly wish her more blessings in life.

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