Sunday, August 7, 2011


Last night the last show i was able to watch was Gandang Gabi Vice, then this morning when i opened the Tv Kris was on and guess who the guest was? Vice Ganda...really?Is she now the queen of Kapamilya network? Don't get me wrong ok but haven't you noticed? Vice Ganda is very visible lately despite all the rumors about her having an attitude problem...why do i ask? Honestly, yes she makes me laugh and who does not laugh at her jokes? but to make fun of people's faces? just to make the crowd laugh?

And yes true indeed Kris Aquino and Vice are best of pals...why?Well, we know already that Kris has many gay friends, they make her life very name a few..Sweet Lapus and Of course Boy Abunda...right? Now, she and Vice Ganda are clicking it together...again why?

Can you tell me the things that are common to both of them? Both are very successful, both loves to talk too much, both love boys, not just boy toys(ehemm), they have so many followers( we watch every move they make, everything that they do actually is under our microscope), and so so many other things.

But while Kris is very talkative and it is her hobby to talk about not only her life but other people's lives...she is making a living out of it...Vice Ganda is into making fun of other people's looks and appearances which sometimes hurt...everyday she makes fun of people in Showtime...making it appear that she is perfect herself! Her style is so COMEDY BAR but now that she is on tv..and gaining lots of attention...she should be more careful...sometimes its NOT FUNNY infact it is OFFENSIVE.

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