Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anne Curtis: How will you describe her Style?

Anne is back again in Showtime...stirring it up for all the MADLANG PEOPLE!

With her comeback is her super sexy abs..with those high-cut loose over-sized t-shirts...making Vhong drooling over that sexy belly button of Anne...with a matching loose pants and red stilletos! And making Vice Ganda very insecure once again!(peace Vice!)

I just wonder why people are so eager to follow Anne with her daily morning rituals...making all the audience look funny...well it is all for the love of Anne and for the love of Showtime...like today she feels like a Zombie...so she imitated a zombie and the audience also raised their hands also..wahahahaha!But she is still cute right?everything she does is cute and sexy!

And then comes out Anne's new Smart UNLI Commercial...with that straight hair and the bangs...a super sexy body...more like a LARA CROFT stint right?

I like her fashion style all in all..sometimes its a bit off and more like homey (parang nasa bahay lang) but she can pull it off and she can get away with it...she is Anne Curtis!

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