Thursday, November 3, 2011

Its been A WHILE! nOW cHRISTMAS IS coming!


I know its been months since i last made my blog be honest i just lost a little interest in blogging and yeah its getting monotonous trying to review all the shows that i watch in ABS-CBN and everywhere else when you guys know it already..its like retelling it again and again....blah blah blah.

But on a serious note i would like to say CONDOLENCE TO CHARICE for such a great loss...i am pretty sure losts of Chasters are also shocked with the news right?

And what has been happening to KAPAMILYA SHOWS?Anything exciting? BUDOY is fun to watch..its pretty amazing how Gerald Anderson can capture that character of a special children loves BUDOY! and i do too because it shares lots of family values and character formation that are not present in other shows...see that is what i like about ABS-CBN it is their advocacy to teach young children right values and character and how to be a Filipino.

I know that this is kinda late i just want to react on PGT3 winner...i really think that El PEnumbra deserves it the most!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


For weeks i have been keeping my mouth shut and keeping my blog silent because i want to take a pause and its like giving myself a breather...hahahaha..but in all honesty i have been crossing my fingers and holding my breath..i could not contain myslef..HOW WILL IT END? WILL IT BE WORTH IT? WILL WE BE SATISFIED? AFTER ALL THE DRAMA?

Well, for a start...everything must come to an end so that another story, another chapter will unfold..right? yeah RIGHT! What about you? Were you satisfied with the ending of GUNS' AND ROSES? Has ABEL MARASIGAN been given due justice? and a SWEET victory TOWARDS THE END? MAYBE...MAYBE...he got REIGN and MARCUS was imprisoned...Don Lucio died too soon...he was not that bad was the that really hate your kin so much?

ALL in all i am happy with the ending...but im gonna miss watching the show.

Now, lets go to the PINOY BIGGEST LOSER! Who do you think will be the BIGGEST LOSER?

I have to say this..pardon me ok but i hate that the show is turning MUSHY AND corny...ITS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN AND EXCITING AND whoaaaah..ROMANTIC? Ang Pinoy talaga!

I really hope ARt wins..he deserves it!

By the way, i watched the tribute of MMK lat night...very good..brings back lots of memory...i never realized it until last night that i grew up watching the show..and its been 20 years!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


IF you are a true blue KAPAMILYA then you surely are at the edge of your seat every night!

Things are really rolling in to the deep as KAPAMILYA SHOWS are gearing up towards the ending of GUNS AND ROSES and my favorite...PINOY BIGGEST LOSER!

NASAAN KA ELIZA? This new show is fast paced...not your typical teleserye and it has such an intriguing plot that you keep on guessing...and pretty sure we all look forward to every episodes as more of the story is revealed...and all those dirty secrets!

And mind you...after watching the episode of MY BINONDO GIRL last night...makes me want to try out Zeny's recipe of Siomai...believe me at 9.00 o'clock last night i have that sudden urge to go to the kitchen and make the Tasty Siomai..wahahahaha!

Then we come to Guns and Roses...oh how i hate MARCUS AGUILAR and PEPE MARASIGAN! why OH WHY can they get away with smart can they be? and leaving ABEL so helpless and desperate? oh well...i just have to wait for the ENDING..i am sure ...very sure that ABEL WILL WIN! Right? HEROES always win.

PINOY BIGGEST LOSER! HAZEL IS BACK! What a shocker right? Does this mean that she will compete with Raffy? Oh! the love birds..great! Hazel outwitted all of the other ex-contestants! But i don't mind..everything is now its the FAB FIVE!

FINAL week and then the first ever GRAND the star magic ball?hehehehehe?

WHAT ABOUT YOU? WHO do you think will be the first ever PINOY BIGGEST LOSER? ANY LEAKS IN THERE?

Saturday, September 10, 2011


BEEN watching this week's episode of PINOY BIGGEST LOSER because the ex-contestants are making a huge come back...though the TOP 4 is kinda feeling it UNFAIR but then Sharon explained to them the real purpose of the new as to challenge them more and real strength comes out in how you face again the old opponents..and whoever comes out will be indeed a HUGE WIN!

AS THE FINALE is nearing and the top 4 getting fitter, the challenges getting tougher and more difficult, this is the part of the competition i really look forward to. Whoever will get the slot 5, i am sure it will not be an easy task. I would have loved ALLAN to see on the finale..he is such a huge threat to the top 4 that he opt to vote him out when they got the chance!

I still am rooting for ANGELA, as the only female survivor to face the three men...and to make it this far...she is a force to reckon with..she will not quit!

This is the picture of Angela when entered the CAMP, and boy what difference!

Now that her face is more defined, she is really pretty!

TOP 4:

Art Mendoza, 35, Makati

Angela Lupango, 26, Rizal

Enrique Rafael "Raffy" Tan, 22, Negros Occidental

Larry Martin, 36, Camarines Sur


ANOTHER reason why i love SATURDAYS..its because of JUNIOR MASTERCHEF!

In their episode last night...the final batch was challenged to with SEAFOODS!

Oh boy...i so envied the shrimps and the i wish i was there to grab my share too..and here i am thinking that i am a good cook myself. Those kids really can cook and create such impressive seafood dishes. I am really impressed!

What was your favorite seafood dish last night? Me? SHRIMPS, SHRIMPS AND MORE SHRIMPS, second is the KUNONOT NA PAGI. My dad can cook LINARANG NA PAGI..we call it here KIAMPAW in Cebu and there are techniques to master so that the foul smell of PAGi will disappear and really it is a difficult dish to execute. So TWO THUMBS UP again to those kids...even those who did not make it to the top 30.

When it comes to cooking...i have like TONS AND TONS of things to learn and THOUSANDS OF hours to practice in the kitchen.

So looking forward for next week!

Monday, September 5, 2011

ANNE CURTIS In Gandang Gabi Vice!

It was Showtime but we had an ANNE ATTACK! Anne commercials, Anne in ASAP, Anne in Rated K, and Anne in Gandang Gabi Vice...she is not that busy noh?

But honestly i really don't mind...she is Anneterefic!

Gandang Gabi Vice started with the usual Vice Ganda singing her opening number..its already September so she sang a Christmas song...then the trio of Happy Yippe Yihey came out RJR...then come throwing of Punchlines making the people laugh more and more! I guess its really not funny when your face is the one making others laugh...when you are not even a comedian..wahahahaha!

Then came out Anne...ang Diyosa!

She made different poses for different magazines...both Anne and Vice are like little children...they couldn't care less...they are having so much fun!

She sang her signature song different versions...Rock, R&B and operatic...Anne is really game..she never says no..even if Vice is making fun of her na!

Well, all in all it was a fun show! What a way to end the Sunday night!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This TVC is very high-class and very much like ANNE CURTIS...classy and elegant!


No i do not work for ANNE...i am just a huge supporter..hehehehehe!

Monday, August 29, 2011


WOW! AMAZING! WHAT A TALENT and GREAT COOKING SKILLS! its already a SHOWDOWN and to think the show just aired the first episode of JUNIOR MASTERCHEF PINOY EDITION!

Last Saturday the first episode aired and 60 kid contestants paraded with a cheerful crowd of parents welcomed them to their is HUGE by the way and really a true copy of the kitchen that we see in JUNIOR MASTERCHEF a fan of that show by the way but sad to say most of the dishes that are featured in the AUSTRALIAN Edition somehow i could not relate since we don't eat those kind of foods...and now that PINOY EDITION is here..i couldn't be more HAPPIER! AND PROUDER.

First challenge for the 20 kid contestants was to create a dish that they usually serve during FIESTA celebration..A KID from CEBU cooked PORK CALDERETA and yes PHILIP made it through the second round...AND THEN other kids from other regions of the ARCHIPELAGO created their dishes..most are very new to my eyes and it really IMPRESSED ME...technically wise, execution, creativity and to perform in such TIME PRESSURE..FOR ME all of them are already winners!

THE hosts were very good in commending the talents of the kids and MS. JUDY ANN SANTOS-AGONCILLO is very fitting and fun to handle the kiddos...she still has that charisma!

NEXT WEEK will be the second batch and i think they will be serving DESSERTS!

SO, see you guys next week!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent: PINOYS CAN REALLY SING!

IF you have been watching and a HUGE fan of PILIPINAS GOT TALENT..then you know what i am talking about...last Sunday night was the last day of AUDITIONS for the third season and then by next week they will be starting the JUDGES the judges will be starting to deliberate, debate and choose..making the list of SEMI-FINALISTS.

NOW before we proceed for the next level...let us recall, analyze and reminisce of the weeks that have passed and even the past seasons!

IT is PILIPINAS GOT TALENT and singing is like the NATIONAL past time of what can you expect? Most of those of auditioned are singers, be it professionals, amateurs, wannabes, the annoying, the weirdos, the oldies(looking for a second shot of fame)name it..all kinds of singers...why not..its a free country..all you have to bring is a huge bag of GUTS!

BUT last night someone really stood out..she is like the next CHARICE and i think that she will be a strong contender this can we expect another singer for a GRAND WINNER? Next to JOVIT BALDOVINO AND MARCELITO PO MOY? WE really love singer noh?

WHAT is her name again?

She is just 11 yrs. old and she sang perfectly the songs of Whitney Houston's famous songs (I HAVE NOTHING & I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU)...OH i really forgot her name!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Right after 100 days to is BINONDO GIRL, from Monday up until Wednesday...ang cute ni MUTYA ORQUIA as the little JADE( Kim Chiu's character), she has such expressive eyes and very convincing talaga!

Last night's episode showed Jade's father coming back here in the Philippines and am sure tonight will be packed with more twists to the story. And do we hope to catch a glimpse of YUAN?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pinoy Biggest Loser: STRATEGY WISE!

WHEN i was watching Larry munch that many pieces again did he ate?36 or 38? He sure really missed eating it!

I wonder if his nape did not hurt or was he having troubles breathing...tonight all my questions will be answered. Larry gets the IMMUNITY and we all know that he will be working out very hard to burn down all of those calories.

Now at this stage of the game....the contestants should really think of themselves instead of saving someone's asses because at the end of it is still a game.

I would like to make a special mention..ANGELA you are my bet!

Here is a picture of kwek-kwek...OMG..makes me want to go out and find my suki but i have my limit just 4 or 5 then i am happy.

Photo above from PANLASANG PINOY

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I just could not pass this number from ASAP ROCKS!


ITS really up for you to comment..basta for me...i LOVE IT!

SARAH G. AND LLOYDIE still got that KILIG FACTOR...and yes brings back lots of memories from their movies...YOU CHANGED MY LIFE AND A VERY SPECIAL LOVE..sana nga may third movie na....hayyyy!

Friday, August 19, 2011



SUGBO tv is a channel owned and operated by the Provincial Government of Cebu.

The official TV Channel of the Cebu Provincial Government that offers news and information about the Province of Cebu. It also features the unique tourist destinations, heritage sites as well as delicacies of the province.

I watch their shows like KUSINA SUGBO, SUROYSUROY AND KABILIN. I may be living here in the city proper of Cebu but when i do get the chance and opportunity to travel and escape...i just ride a bus maybe up north or down south. The show is really my from of escape and i get to know more of the province of Cebu, the delicacies, the beautiful places, the warm a blogger like me...shows like this is very important and helpful. I am not pro-Gwen ok i am just a simple Cebuano who is very proud of her culture, her heritage, her hometown and who seeks adventure and experiences right in our very charming province of CEbu...So where else should we start but in our own backyard...right?


Two thumbs up for Art and Angela...they gave out their best sa STATIONERY BIKE and also to Larry..for not being too selfish to grab that IMMUNITY.

After that grueling 8 hours of biking the TEAM has to jog for at 25 minutes in order to win a prize for the disabled athletes...another KUDOS!

Now looking at their bodies and their transformations...Larry is really a Superman...i think if he continues to be that strong...he will definitely be the pinoy biggest loser!

Sa girls naman....Angela is the strongest of them all...and she is even stronger than other boys..which makes her very vulnerable to be voted out because the other contestants are intimidated by her and she has proven her strength many times winning some challenges and surpassing the expectations of all. To WINWIN, she is always being saved by her KUYAs in the house..even in the challenges she is always behind...just like LEIGH.

Last night the CONTESTANTS went to ENCHANTED KINGDOM for a little fun time with the little kids! Very fun to watch indeed for them to shout like little kids once again. I am really crossing my fingers that this week..nobody goes home but then again there is always a week will be extremely hard for them..and the competition really gets tougher and tougher. Good luck to ALL OF U! Andak signing off.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jovit Baldovino, Angeline Quinto & Marcelito Pomoy: ASAP's NEW PINOY CHAMPIONS!

Do i need to explain further? Just watch this video from last week's episode of ASAP ROCKS!

Anne Curtis: How will you describe her Style?

Anne is back again in Showtime...stirring it up for all the MADLANG PEOPLE!

With her comeback is her super sexy abs..with those high-cut loose over-sized t-shirts...making Vhong drooling over that sexy belly button of Anne...with a matching loose pants and red stilletos! And making Vice Ganda very insecure once again!(peace Vice!)

I just wonder why people are so eager to follow Anne with her daily morning rituals...making all the audience look funny...well it is all for the love of Anne and for the love of today she feels like a she imitated a zombie and the audience also raised their hands also..wahahahaha!But she is still cute right?everything she does is cute and sexy!

And then comes out Anne's new Smart UNLI Commercial...with that straight hair and the bangs...a super sexy body...more like a LARA CROFT stint right?

I like her fashion style all in all..sometimes its a bit off and more like homey (parang nasa bahay lang) but she can pull it off and she can get away with it...she is Anne Curtis!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Last night the last show i was able to watch was Gandang Gabi Vice, then this morning when i opened the Tv Kris was on and guess who the guest was? Vice Ganda...really?Is she now the queen of Kapamilya network? Don't get me wrong ok but haven't you noticed? Vice Ganda is very visible lately despite all the rumors about her having an attitude problem...why do i ask? Honestly, yes she makes me laugh and who does not laugh at her jokes? but to make fun of people's faces? just to make the crowd laugh?

And yes true indeed Kris Aquino and Vice are best of pals...why?Well, we know already that Kris has many gay friends, they make her life very name a few..Sweet Lapus and Of course Boy Abunda...right? Now, she and Vice Ganda are clicking it together...again why?

Can you tell me the things that are common to both of them? Both are very successful, both loves to talk too much, both love boys, not just boy toys(ehemm), they have so many followers( we watch every move they make, everything that they do actually is under our microscope), and so so many other things.

But while Kris is very talkative and it is her hobby to talk about not only her life but other people's lives...she is making a living out of it...Vice Ganda is into making fun of other people's looks and appearances which sometimes hurt...everyday she makes fun of people in Showtime...making it appear that she is perfect herself! Her style is so COMEDY BAR but now that she is on tv..and gaining lots of attention...she should be more careful...sometimes its NOT FUNNY infact it is OFFENSIVE.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I like this video very much...ENJOY!

Keepin’ my sanity in such an insane world

After sending my kids to school and after a hearty breakfast and coffee i am now sitting in a quite room facing my ever loyal friend...the monitor. Today is the 3rd day of August, this is the same time last year that i have renewed my interest in my blog, my fb account, my twitter, in short my cyberspace identity. Before, my focus is merely on my family and i feel so isolated at times that its so hopeless..what i just needed was a break time away from the real world.

My blog is doing fine, i now ranked 284 in the not so impressive but an achievement already for a person like me...of course i would have wanted more talk about being human...sigh! I make an effort to write at least 4-7 articles per month it really depends on my mood but i am sure in the coming months things will really get exciting for me. Why? Because my kids are now bigger and i now have more free time to explore, take pictures, indulge in an adventure, go to new that is more exciting right?

This personal page of mine is very open to the public and i have my reasons why i am making this...i am suffering from a mild dementia and i easily forget things..what a terrible memory i got!So this blog is actually helping me remember and i want to show this blog to my kids someday in case i totally lost my memory..sad right?but its the truth.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Who's the HOTTEST LASTNIGHT?Pinoy Biggest Loser

Were you able to watch the episode of Pinoy Biggest Loser last night? Derek Ramsay presented the 10 finalists. When the finalists walks into the catwalk and they did a side to side comparison of their old bodies made out of a life sized cardboard...its really funny and inspiring to see their reactions...some cried, some laughed and joked about their old selves.

I saw that the boys were kind of dressed alike...Ryan, Raffy and what is the name of the new guy again Oh Andy...they wore a Khaki Jacket over the Black Shirt. Tatay Art, Mang Larry were formally dressed. Now, talking about Mang Larry have you seen him?what a transformation! He can play some roles in action movies..a cop maybe?you know he's got the face and the aura...then comes out Eboy! When i see Eboy he instantly puts a smile on my face...I would really love to see Eboy loss more that would be a treat to watch..maybe in the finale? Oh i am crossing my fingers....but he is injured...i hope he surpasses that.

Then the girls, Hazel, Angela and Leigh looked AMAZING and GORGEOUS! There are some fats still to shed but you can really see the difference in their attitudes and what a confidence! WINWIN came out and everybody cheered! She did some very funny poses like a true blue model would..why not?they own the walk!

Overall, the show last night was GREAT and i know it will get more exciting and difficult in the coming weeks...i have seen the FINALE of Australian Editions, the American Editions and even Asian Edition where our very own Genghis Khan became a i know what to expect already...and i can't wait to see Sharon Cuneta also shed off some weights...i heard that she is a working progress..GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU GUYS!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Is being Frugal means being cheapskate?

This really got me into thinking for weeks now because lately we have been short in cash and i caught myself thinking of those cash that we burned instead of saving it for dried up season.

Looking back, ever since i got married my lifestyle totally changed for being a monied person and what with those branded shoes and clothes...i had to give that up to make way for the baby.

I am not saying that i am feeling sorry for marrying a poor guy but i am not regretting it to say the least...i am perfectly happy even now. After my third baby i have to quit work and be a stay at home mom. That means, less money coming in and with a ballooning expenses. So we have to live frugally. We do not have to pay for electric bills, water bills, no mortgage, even no tuition fees to pay. Easy right? MAJOR WRONG!

Yes you guessed it...i live with my parents..they pay for you think that makes me happy? NO...its a big slap in the face and it stresses me out MORE. So now me and my husband, are trying our best not to be a burden...believe me its a real stresser.

With a $35 weekly do you think we will manage? We have to save, save and save. Even my own clothes i have to buy it in Ukay-ukay because it is cheaper there, our food we have to buy it in carbon market because its cheaper, but does it compromise everything? the answer is NO.

Here in the Philippines, there are lots of poor people and those who does not own a house, no regular work, cannot go to school, could not afford to go to hospitals, those who are just begging and waiting for charities...yeah those you can find it here...even worst. But if you can walk, can talk, and smart enough then you will survive. Just make your way through and be ready for hard work.

Our lifestyle is just simple but we are happy and content even if we have a frugal living. Does that make us cheap? No. We are being SMART.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Spaghetti Craving was Finally Granted!

Call me shallow but can you blame me if i have been craving for a bowl of pasta oozing with that red tomato sauce and hefty amount of cheese?

Sunday came and then after doing my mound full of dirty clothes i asked Z to buy me tomato sauce for my spag...he was hesitant at first because its raining and he is thinking of something else to eat..sigh!

But i cannot be ignored coz i have been ignoring this emptiness of pasta deprivation..nakks!

After less than 30 minutes all fo my kids including me is attacking the table with much gusto! I have never been so you can call me shallow...oh how i wish i had taken picture of my three kids with the sauce all over their faces...but i got busy myself.hehehehe!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anne Curtis : Anne-bisyosa ALBUM

Finally! that is what i have to say...this album is not to be taken seriously said Anne but i know she is crossing her fingers that she can have a singing career since she herself admitted that she is a frustrated singer. She even said that she waited for 14 years for this dream to come true.

By the way have you seen Anne's new commercial where she is also singing to the tone of Charice's song Pyramid? only the lyrics were changed...actually all of her commercials nowadays she really is she is really serious? It's funny because she now can carry a tone maybe she has undergone voice lessons and what do we know one day she will have her first ever major concert...will you come? maybe if it is in Cebu...that sure will be funny!

Her album will include a duet with Sarah Geronimo and with a collaboration with Mr. Andrew that is something to look forward too and songs include Anne's favorites high notes Total Eclipse of the Heart, Alone and many watch out for it this coming August.

So it's not just a simple sample in Showtime anymore?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sunday Trip to Simala

IT was a bright Sunday morning of June 26, 2011 just a few days after Megan's third birthday. I had to get up 5:00 AM early for me right? hehehe...what can I say to that? the girl is just so so excited to go on this trip down south. With the other two kids already towed away to my in-laws then the morning preparations were smooth as cream...finally around 8:00 am we are already on board our precious bike.

We passed the lonely streets of Colon and Jones Ave., no traffic coz its Sunday, passing by Carbon Market, not too crowded either, and then to SRP, usually hubby drives a little speedier when its a very long trip and all I could do is make a sing of the cross...there i was tagging along in the ride for mostly 2 hours non-stop going to our destination.

I really like this trip particularly because Megan is already bigger, unlike the trips we had before, she can now enjoy the beauty of her surroundings, the mountains, the seashores, the cows, the goats, the carabaos..oh its a never ending shout of sheer delight and Im just happy to feel the breeze of fresh air touching my face and also the smell of the sea....gosh how i missed the outdoors and all those road trips.

By 11:00 am..we arrived at the gate of the Monastery and by then started to walk...all the way up to the Church. The Church itself has gotten bigger because the extension building is almost finished. The mass will start by 12:00 noon so we have an hour to stroll the whole Monastery, nothing much changed really except for the extension building...there are still many devotees and visitors from everywhere, we took our time posing for the pictures.

I have been visiting Simala for the past four years now and its usually after Megan's birthday, i cannot describe enough in words what i feel when i set foot on that mountain, despite the fatigue and the heat of the sun and long travel...when you get up there ...there is a sense of inner peace and happiness...I feel so blessed. Thank you Mama Mary for giving Megan into our lives. I will forever be grateful and will come back every year.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Are you watching KRIS TV?

Andak here signing in it's 9.30 am Tuesday morning, the kids are already in school and i have at least 2 hours to relax and i have a new hobby..watching kristv every morning...are you watching the show also?

Today is especially exciting because kristv is live and guess who is the guest? Anne Curtis and Jasmine Curtis and their dad. The show is now airing and can't wait for Anne to pop out in the screen.

I really like Kris Aquino's hosting style because its very natural and with her side comments about her love life, her events and trips. But you really know what i really like about her? She is genuinely interested with other people's lives and you can tell it when you listen to her questions and her reactions...thus making her work enjoyable and easy. And for a person with such stature in this country its very rare and its a true gift.

I have been watching kristv for a week now and so far its very enjoyable and the show features the winners of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 and the houses of celebrities, i like the one they did on Kim Chiu because i am also a fan of her...gosh i envy her shoes and her bags...nice taste Kim.

Wait i have to finish this post so that i can watch Anne..bye for now!

Andak signing off...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pinoy Biggest LOSER!

Andak here has always been a fan of Biggest Loser franchise, the American version, its a very huge show in Australia, the Asian version and finally its here in Pinas!

The show aired three weeks already and it has been garnering many attention to viewers...especially to the likes of me who is struggling also with weights.

My favorite contestant really is Eboy not only because he is the heaviest among all of them but i really wanted to see the end of his journey. I want to see Eboy conquer this battle and the final result of his efforts inside the camp. Also i am keeping a close eye on the host herself...Sharon Cuneta, i can already see some results of her efforts also to be fit and healthy..and hopefully by the end of the show, she comes out more sexier than ever. I also noticed that not only 2 contestants came from Cebu..but i think 4 of them? Wow! Abs-cbn is really rooting Cebu and yes Cebu loves them back too..and all the Kapamilya shows.

Here are the compelete list of contestants for the "The Biggest Loser: Pinoy Edition"

Ryan Razon, 31, Pampanga
Edden Cruz, 35, Cebu
Enrique Rafael "Raffy" Tan, 22, Negros Occidental
Allan Choachuy, 40, Cebu
Charlene Hazel Chua, Bicol
Art Mendoza, 35, Makati
Angela Lupango, 26, Rizal
Winwin Cabinta, 18, Bukidnon
Eric Limatog, 22, Cebu
Jose "JM" Oloris, 32, Manila
Joy Siy, 25, Pasig City
Francisco "Eboy" Bautista, 33, Parañaque

One thing that is really negative of the show is Too much Crying and Drama..the show is supposed to be about losing weight and in the end its just a game and why do they cry soo much if one of their team member will be eliminated? I don't understand that and it looses focus! even the Host is also into crying...cut the crap guys and just stay on the game..this is not a teleserye you know! ang Pinoy talaga oo ang hilig sa iyakan!

Marcelito Pomoy of PILIPINAS GOT TALENT 2

Have you seen it last night?AMAZING TALENT!

When i Saw her burns i wanted to stop and ask her WHAT HAPPENED?

I saw her outside a store in Colon, many people stopped by and just looked at her...when i saw her burns my hurt was just crushed...i feel so sorry for her and lots of things came unto my mind...i wanted to stop and ask her what happened to her? why is she on the street begging for coins?is she still hurting?what about her family?did she do it purposely?Oh! all those questions stayed in my head for most of the day and even when i'm lying in my bed her face and her burns still haunt me...i feel sorry for her because i did not do anything...i am just like any other who just passed her...just looking and not caring enough to stop and be human to her. Why would someone do that to her?Was it acid?a fire?

Half of her body is burnt, her hair is falling apart and her face deformed...when i passed again i could not see her and then i asked to myself..where is she?is she ok now?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What makes a Very Good Writer?

Why have i asked this question?

Well simply because i am a very frustrated writer, since i learned how to read i always wanted to write something that is exciting, humorous, full of knowledge..stuffs like that but i could never really come up with something very interesting...i have tried to read self-help books about writing and i tried to broaden my reading...i also like to read blogs from wannabe writers like me...but all i could make out is more like a diary....have you experienced this too?

I want to write like Anne Rice..she is my idol and also Maya Angelou

Friday, June 10, 2011

What is Anne's new projects?

I am just asking this because i am kind of missing her. Seeing her every night on Green Rose and everyday in Showtime...but now that Green Rose has already ended...this made me ask what is her new projects in DOS?

I heard her say that she just finished shooting a commercial?(am i right?) in Thailand and that it will be aired soon not only here in the Philippines but around Asia that is good for her!

And her commercials, she is now singing right?is that bad because of her voice? nope... i like her shows her confidence and it just goes to show that she is always game for everything...and everybody likes her GUTS!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My struggle with WEIGHT

Now i am close to did i get this big?Then thinking of the foods that i ate, the alcohols that i drank, the midnight cravings, the snacks in the afternoon, the laziness to do the chores around the house, the hours of sitting down facing Facebook, the lack of walking exercises...then no wonder i get to be this big.

I have to admit that every time someone tells me how big i am, i am a step lower with my self-esteem, people please do try to be sensitive about other people's feeling here...its not that i am blind and that i could not see my fats, but will just shut up if you got nothing good to say?

As a result, my internet time is cut down because i have to have an active lifestyle right?and then again we have to save power consumption because its already sooo expensive here in Phils.

Every day i clean our room, i scrub(lampaso) for more than an hour with the music background and while scrubbing i also do dance convenient right? I am now in my second week and i plan to work harder, i also take a slimming pill and i am watching everything that i eat.

So for now, no pictures yet but mind you next time you will see me i will be asking for you compliments ok?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Green Rose: Jerome is Back BIGTIME!

As the story continues Jerome is back with a vengeance and as usual EVERYONE IS SHOCKED! Including Edward Fuentabella and Angela...i am super excited for the next scenes and for the finale. One thing i hate watching Green Rose is the recap of the past episodes are so far back and you have to be patient enough if you are a fan of the show. I wonder how will Edward react if indeed he will discover that it is really Jerome and very much alive.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cebu City is getting dirtier!

When i drive around the city i can see lots of plastic bags with garbages in it...try to look around it in Colon, Carbon, Jones Avenue, actually in every major streets in the i have read that Inayawan Dumpsite is closing and that our household garbages will not be picked up if it is not properly segregated.

People here are complaining why an added burden to separate their trashes when it is not their job...and the trucks are always delayed in collecting...what is really happening to our city. TO be honest, our city is really getting dirtier and there are so many sores for the eyes, not to mention the street children roaming around, the homeless people, the garbages, the tulisans.


I do i have been watching this show since season 3 and closely following each and every episodes and all the reruns including Season 1 up to season here in Phils.. they are starting to air Season 6 and i could not be more happier to see all my favorite characters.

Why do i like the show so much? despite the fact that i really could not stand the gruesome scenes of dead people murdered, kidnapped, and killed? not to mention all the spatter of bloods? I like it because it has more drama than a drama series you can find in local channels, it tells stories of human, or inhuman behaviors, the sick minds, how they think and act..really the show is more of human acts and sickness but out of all that goodness of humanity still comes out and prevail from the characters, the emotions that they have to deal to keep their sanity in such an insane work that they have to face everyday.

I like JJ played by AJ Cook. She is a very strong woman despite conflicts with the family and i will be very sad if she disappears on this particular season.

Watch the show on FOX channels.