WELCOME to my blog..WANDERING MAMA..i have so many great plans for this new baby blog of mine and i know that before we head out to the great outdoor..and explore the world, it is just right that i pay homage to the foods that i enjoy eating while growing up and until now...i love EATING...eating is part of our culture as a CEbuano, as a Filipino right?

LET me start by sharing all the EXOTIC FOODS that my family have been enjoying for so many years...i have such a large family and we enjoy to cook and eat.


MY mother's PAKLAY is very popular not only in our home but in our whole community, well all of her cookings..its good and very tasty.

I have tried all others but my mama's cooking is the best..that i can boast about that part..hehehehe.

I really could not share the exact recipe since it is mama's secret...but if you happen to visit here in our house and there is an occasion..then for sure you get to taste the best PAKLAY.

PAKLAY is a native word in consists mainly of Goat's inside organs and cut into strips, after boiling and cleaning it, you put ginger, star anise, onion, garlic, black beans, pineapple, red bell peppers, for the sauce..mama mixes it with a litre of Sprite...PAKLAY is best eaten with is spicy and sweet at the same time.

The picture above is courtesy of pink bombils


If you are a true blue BISDAK then you know what i am talking about...BALBACUA is a favorite dish here in Cebu and if you have not tried it yet...then now is the perfect time. I don't know what BALBACUA really means and where in originated but it is one of my favorite dish...aside from the fact that my mother is very popular with her BALBACUA...i like the jelly sticky feel on the mouth of it and i like it extra spicy and hot!

Photo above is courtesy of PTITCHEF


Kalderetang Kambing Ingredients:

1 1/2 kilos goat meat, cut into chunks
1 potato; quartered
1 carrot; cut in 1 inch chunks or slices
4 cloves garlic; pounded
1 onion; chopped
1 can liver spread or ground liver
1 tomato; quartered
1 can tomato sauce
15 green olives (stoned or pitted)
2 tablespoons peanut butter
1 bell pepper; sliced
1 tablespoon ground black pepper
2 laurel leaves
1/2 cup soy sauce
Cooking oil
MSG (optional)

You have to fry the meat first so that it will not soften that much when you start cooking it with all the ingredients...this is so yummy and i like it with goat's meat compared to beef.

Thank you FILIPINO RECIPES.COM for the picture

So if there is LECHON DE CEBU then PORK DINUGUAN is not that faraway right? It is like a perfect marriage.


ACTUALLY this papa can cook DINUGUAN as good as my mama too so i also give credit to my papa.

DINUGUAN comes for the word..dugo which means is the blood of a pig...yucky?

This dish is so named because the sauce is made with the blood of a freshly-slaughtered pig. Traditionally cooked using a mixture of pork belly meat and pork entrails, my version should make the not-too-adventurous less squeamish. This is a very delicious dish, really. I can only ask that for those reading about dinuguan for the first time, try it first before passing judgment ok?


IF you are too health conscious or too guilty to eat LECHON...then try a smaller portion of LECHON mother have some tricks up on her sleeve why it is very tasty and is one of the best. Just dip in with a simple sauce of vinegar and sili labuyo.


STUFFED CRAB is really not an exotic food...i even consider it just a normal food but it is slowly becoming a favorite of ours because MAMA keeps on serving this dish...weekly i think...and how many pieces can i eat? I say about 4...gosh!

Generally all of the dishes above are all spicy and hot..if its not spicy..then for us it is not that delicious..its not that be prepared to bring some dessert to wipe away that spicy bite in your tongue..wink!

Of course there are so many foods that my Mama can cook and serve for us..but ALL THOSE MENTIONED ABOVE...really stood out in my memory...sigh again!

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