Sunday, July 20, 2014

Very Blooming SARAH G & The Voice Kids Philippines Top Finalists

Have you watched the performances last night?
From opening acts to Alex's rendition of Taylor Swift's "I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE" with Gloc-9, Finalists with Kamikazee singing Narda. Then two songs from the finalists, Let It Go by the girls. I have to say Lyca gave a very different flavor to the song because of her very distinct voice and yeah you can tell that she is the crowd's favorite. If you ask me, i want Darren to win it. He is the total performer and yeah he is definitely ready. But then, it is the people's vote, and Filipinos like to see the underdog wins....nothing new...nothing new. Darren wants it badly and I will vote for him. His rendition of Beyonce's LISTEN was perfect and he really nailed it. And oh do not mind the title I am sure everyone agrees that Sarah G. is definitely blooming and more beautiful these days. Love becomes her...shhh! Here is Darrens' version of LISTEN: Finally, i think Alex can sing and she can perform too!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Are you liking Kris less or more?

Yeah I know what you are thinking, it seems I am trying to insinuate something? This is my mere opinion on her and this is my blog. Well, I hope you are all aware that I am a true blue Kapamilya fan and likes no other channel. And of course, yeah everybody will agree with me on this statement that Kris A. is over-exposed and overworked. Do we need more of her? I am a fan of her, that is true, if you will ask my kids and my husband so the more of her the happier I am? I am really not here to patronize her and her existence but well I open my TV in the morning to watch her and her gang of friends doing things like cooking, visiting restaurants, off to a remote island for adventure, go abroad. I like to watch that in the me a temporary escape at least what she shares on tv is entertaining me. Then, from time to time, you get to see her on commercials. Then again, you get to see her on a short talk with Boy A. every evening. Come Sunday and you get to see her again on The Buzz. Good for her that she's got lots of work, there is no question that she is good with it and people believe her. She can be annoying at times, tactless at times, maarte at times. About her recent lovelife? I remember her saying that she'll be quite about it and keep it private...hah! That will work in her dreams, and yeah for being such a loud mouth. Sadly for her, she cannot keep her private life for herself. She is that public and to be in a relationship with her will be a nightmare! I actually am happy for James Yap...he is definitely moving on and forward. As for her? With her recent break-up with Bistek, too bad it did not prosper, she should have kept it hidden from public's snares. My hope for her? I know SOMEONE SPECIAL will come into her life, SOMEONE that is definitely beyond her fame, her power, that can handle her insecurities and self issues. As a fan, Am i Liking her less? Yes, because she is OVER-EXPOSED! Lastly, i like her with LONGER HAIR. What about you? You like her less or more? You can put your comment below.