Friday, June 8, 2012

Kris TV visited BOHOL!

Nakaka-inggit ka talaga Kris!IKAW NA! Nagpaka adventurous ka pa..Bongga! Nasa Cebu lang ako pero never pa akung nakatapak sa Bohol..kawawa naman me! One thing i like about Kris' feature in Bohol is that she mentioned the cleanliness of the whole island and how the people maintained it because it really has been the old tradition of the Boholanos to clean the surroundings before the breakfast and then again in the afternoon before the sun sets...that is our old way of life in the province right? And its not already practiced in the cities that is why we are so dirty that even if there are so many sweepers..our surroundings is still very unkept!


Leslee said...

i have also seen this on tv.. love the new adventures the bohol offers.

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andak2008 said...

yes least we know now that Bohol offers more than the chocolate hills and the tarsiers...Bohol has now become the new haven for tourists seeking adventures and lots of FUN!