Monday, March 28, 2011


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YES! ASAP did rock Cebu last Sunday with such a huge crowd even SRP was so small for all the fans of ABS-CBN...i think it was more than 50k of people who went there..i for one went there with mY hubby but still i could not get near the stage and the heat was so overwhelming so i went home and watched it on TV plus i get to prepare lunch for my family! I was not sad because i didn't get to watch it live but yeah! i was there!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thia survived @ the bottom 3 but is it fair that they saved CASEY ADAMS?

Its too early to use their save button right? or do they use it to the right person who they want to stay?If it was Thia that was voted out i am for sure they will not save her! Well, i sure hope she survives next week...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Price Is Right: Kris Aquino Style!

Price is Right is the Father of All game shows and now it is here in Pinas! And what is more exciting is Kris Aquino is hosting it...the show aired on Kris' birthday of course and being the only female host to be given the privilege and honor...i think that No one else can do it better than her even male hosts. She is giving it her own brand and style with lots of small side lights and comments that are truly entertaining to watch.

I also have to commend Kris for always being beautiful in front of the camera by wearing lovely gowns and shoes...she is a delight to the eyes every evening. Now to the contest proper..WOW bonnga ang mga prizes nila ha..and i want to join even as a text home partner!

Good job are indeed the Queen of All Media..just please don't cry anymore in front of camera...i like to see you always smiling and laughing!

Friday, March 18, 2011

What is Wrong with IMORTAL lately?

Sorry guys to disappoint you but i think that the story of ABS-CBN's IMORTAL is getting down to the drag and their action sequences are so lousy that i have to turn off the tv because of pure frustration. Not to mention the character of LUCAS( Rico Blanco) oh he is so useless and his acting is so dead. The story so far? well they are making it longer and longer and its running in circles. To tell you the truth i have to watch the trailer in the internet again just to remember how great the start was and the succeeding episodes but lately? duh! Have you noticed it also guys? because i know for a fact that the original director (Chito S. Roño) is not part of the show that the reason why Lia Ortega and Mateo Rodriguez is running and running and flying up in harnesses endlessly?

Mateo is now a Vampire but now he is so useless. I loved him better when he was just human because he thinks better!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thia Megia: Colors of the Wind @ Top 12 Perform lastnight

Thia performed Vanessa William's "Colors Of the Wind" as their task for this week is to choose a song from their birth year. Randy Jackson said it was boring as Thia was doing ballad songs for the past 3 performances and he wants to see something upbeat and new because Thia got the voice and the talent...i really do hope that her performance will make her through another week i am keeping my fingers crossed as the result is coming up this 6pm here in the Philippines.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Chef In Me: My love affair with food and cooking

I belong to a large family who everybody knows how to cook starting from my grandparents, to my uncles, my aunts and even my our house i was the only one who does not know how to cook and everybody knows that....even my father is disappointed in me for not trying.

Now, as i have a family of my own and think about the pressure of producing three meals a day for five i have no choice but to learn it from the scratch. I must admit that i am not such a great cook but this lady is trying hard and the mere fact that i love to eat...i start to watch my mother, i copy her style of cooking even to the way how she prepares the ingredients and her seasonings...because that is what i am used to...i also watch lots of cooking shows in it: Top Chef, Master Chef, Iron Chef of America, Junior Master Chef, Hell's Kitchen, The Next IRon Chef, Bobby Flay's shows, Giada De Laurentis, Rachel Ray, Martha's Kitchen, Barefoot Contessa, Emeril's, i am sorry if i missed anyone..hehehehe.

Going back to my side of cooking, firstly i do not have my own kitchen and i am not the lady of the is still my mother you my self confidence is not that high...but then again my husband loves my cooking and that is enough for me, we both love to prepare seafoods, chicken, pork and vegetables.

Personally i want to study culinary arts or just cooking because i want to improve my skills and but as of now i could not afford it with the lack of time and money so then again i have to the net for recipes and try and cook it and let hubby be the judge.

Thats it for now...i will let you know of my progress!

How i wish i have a kitchen like this

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anne Curtis' Green Rose: My own review

I am watching it and i really could not help myself but try to compare the scenes from the original and how they re-create the scene because the Korean version was really intense and every scenes were maximized for strong recall and effect. Now, lets go back to ABS version ok...first Anne is being herself, i could see some effort on acting, Jericho's acting is great as always is and he is pretty convincing, and to all the supporting casts..great job...they say that nothing really can replace the original but then again..that was many years ago right?I'm giving it a two thumbs the way here are some pictures to share.

Thia Megia: Smile at Top 13 Perform American Idol 10

Yes in the beginning it was more powerful and beautiful rather than the end...but it doesn't matter really Coz she sings like an Angel( from JLO)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maria Aragon: She is an Inspiration to my Kids

Its all over the news lately and Maria Aragon is slowly gaining popularity all over the world. She is the new Youtube sensation and of course I checked her out on youtube and every one of her videos we watched it together with my kids including her cover of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" where she is playing the piano...oh boy my kids asked for a Piano to me and they want to learn it and play with it. I know that at age 5 4 and 2 they still could not fully understand the concept of it and how to play it properly but when i searched and looked for that old organ that was junked years ago...i was so happy when i found it again...we don't need to buy(yehey!) everyday the kids play with it and pretend to sing and tinker the organ just like going back to Maria.. she really got the talent in music, her voice is very good and if she practices more i know she will make it to the top....and the support of the family is really GOODLUCK girl..thanks for inspiring me and my kids!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drink And Alcohol - Signs Of Alcoholic Life

(taken from
For some drinking is a way to wind down after a hard days work, a busy day, a stressful day, one day that is filled with many small stresses combined with a potential lifetime of personal failures.

Life has a habit of bringing us down whether we strive to be the best at what we do, or we fail at what we try to do, drink plays a part in many lives socially, some people are fine having the occasional drink while others have the mother of all binge drinks that they find themselves quickly despairing in a pit of depression.

As something of a binge drinker myself, although I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm an alcoholic, but that could be denial and not the one in Egypt!

This is a discussion and an in depth discovery into the lives of alcoholics and the way they try to cover up their bad habit, this is not an exhaustive web page but rather an excorsism of a few demons for some.

Typically, the signs of alcoholism are apparent to many close to the person who is afflicted or obsessed with drink, they might appear normal when they have not had a drink but their behaviours subsequently changes when they have had several drinks, a lot alcoholics become secretive about their habit, and they hide bottles of drink anywhere were they won't be found out, in doing so, they remain normal to outsiders and it becomes a personal habit that they think are in control of.

Some cases you might find that a heavy drinker starts off drinking beer or something low in alcohol, then when the alcoholic nature of booze takes effect then a higher alcohol in take is required to become more intoxicated by high volume spirits such as whisky, vodka or rum,spirits obviously increase the likely hood of liver problems and speed up the process of liver failure later in life if not sooner.

Other signs might include the sweats and bad breath, while this could be attributed to being over weight, these are the two common symptoms of alcy drinkers.

Alcoholics tend to drink their drinks faster than anyone else too and if the term binge drinker is to be announced here then alcoholics are generally binge drinkers too, typically an alcoholic could start drinking at any time of the day morning, noon or night.

Like most legal substances that people get addicted to such as alcohol and tobacco it ruins the lives of those around them as they get involved in your world as it were, they either deal with the situations that they find you in due to the stage of the alcoholic disease, or they become part of the problem by fueling the drink by giving in to your drinking addiction, quite often though drink leads into other areas of domestic violence, assault and even death.

Getting addicted to drinking alcohol is truly one of the worst things that anyone can do with their life, potentially as it can shorten ones life and just one drink can lead to many for some and where does it end?

An early grave is no good especially when there are kids involved, and they see you drinking, they'll think it's alright and they may end up like you, addicted to drink and no way out.

Just anyone...try and drink sensibly because a good morning hangover has got to be a sign that doing this everyday is just not good, not good at all!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Have you seen Thia Megia's performance last night?

Wow that is all I can say!and more Wow...she is proving that she is more talented than any girls on that stage who performed last night and I like the comments that the judges gave her even Randy Jackson comparing her to the late Michael Jackson...that at whatever age if you really got the talent(voice) it will not shine!

And by the way I love J.Lo's outfit last night and i know that she is being nice to everyone praising every performer and it is Randy's job to find flaws and to be hard not overwhelmed with the crowd...He is the new Simon Cowell..hehehehe!