Friday, July 29, 2011

Who's the HOTTEST LASTNIGHT?Pinoy Biggest Loser

Were you able to watch the episode of Pinoy Biggest Loser last night? Derek Ramsay presented the 10 finalists. When the finalists walks into the catwalk and they did a side to side comparison of their old bodies made out of a life sized cardboard...its really funny and inspiring to see their reactions...some cried, some laughed and joked about their old selves.

I saw that the boys were kind of dressed alike...Ryan, Raffy and what is the name of the new guy again Oh Andy...they wore a Khaki Jacket over the Black Shirt. Tatay Art, Mang Larry were formally dressed. Now, talking about Mang Larry have you seen him?what a transformation! He can play some roles in action movies..a cop maybe?you know he's got the face and the aura...then comes out Eboy! When i see Eboy he instantly puts a smile on my face...I would really love to see Eboy loss more that would be a treat to watch..maybe in the finale? Oh i am crossing my fingers....but he is injured...i hope he surpasses that.

Then the girls, Hazel, Angela and Leigh looked AMAZING and GORGEOUS! There are some fats still to shed but you can really see the difference in their attitudes and what a confidence! WINWIN came out and everybody cheered! She did some very funny poses like a true blue model would..why not?they own the walk!

Overall, the show last night was GREAT and i know it will get more exciting and difficult in the coming weeks...i have seen the FINALE of Australian Editions, the American Editions and even Asian Edition where our very own Genghis Khan became a i know what to expect already...and i can't wait to see Sharon Cuneta also shed off some weights...i heard that she is a working progress..GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU GUYS!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Is being Frugal means being cheapskate?

This really got me into thinking for weeks now because lately we have been short in cash and i caught myself thinking of those cash that we burned instead of saving it for dried up season.

Looking back, ever since i got married my lifestyle totally changed for being a monied person and what with those branded shoes and clothes...i had to give that up to make way for the baby.

I am not saying that i am feeling sorry for marrying a poor guy but i am not regretting it to say the least...i am perfectly happy even now. After my third baby i have to quit work and be a stay at home mom. That means, less money coming in and with a ballooning expenses. So we have to live frugally. We do not have to pay for electric bills, water bills, no mortgage, even no tuition fees to pay. Easy right? MAJOR WRONG!

Yes you guessed it...i live with my parents..they pay for you think that makes me happy? NO...its a big slap in the face and it stresses me out MORE. So now me and my husband, are trying our best not to be a burden...believe me its a real stresser.

With a $35 weekly do you think we will manage? We have to save, save and save. Even my own clothes i have to buy it in Ukay-ukay because it is cheaper there, our food we have to buy it in carbon market because its cheaper, but does it compromise everything? the answer is NO.

Here in the Philippines, there are lots of poor people and those who does not own a house, no regular work, cannot go to school, could not afford to go to hospitals, those who are just begging and waiting for charities...yeah those you can find it here...even worst. But if you can walk, can talk, and smart enough then you will survive. Just make your way through and be ready for hard work.

Our lifestyle is just simple but we are happy and content even if we have a frugal living. Does that make us cheap? No. We are being SMART.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Spaghetti Craving was Finally Granted!

Call me shallow but can you blame me if i have been craving for a bowl of pasta oozing with that red tomato sauce and hefty amount of cheese?

Sunday came and then after doing my mound full of dirty clothes i asked Z to buy me tomato sauce for my spag...he was hesitant at first because its raining and he is thinking of something else to eat..sigh!

But i cannot be ignored coz i have been ignoring this emptiness of pasta deprivation..nakks!

After less than 30 minutes all fo my kids including me is attacking the table with much gusto! I have never been so you can call me shallow...oh how i wish i had taken picture of my three kids with the sauce all over their faces...but i got busy myself.hehehehe!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anne Curtis : Anne-bisyosa ALBUM

Finally! that is what i have to say...this album is not to be taken seriously said Anne but i know she is crossing her fingers that she can have a singing career since she herself admitted that she is a frustrated singer. She even said that she waited for 14 years for this dream to come true.

By the way have you seen Anne's new commercial where she is also singing to the tone of Charice's song Pyramid? only the lyrics were changed...actually all of her commercials nowadays she really is she is really serious? It's funny because she now can carry a tone maybe she has undergone voice lessons and what do we know one day she will have her first ever major concert...will you come? maybe if it is in Cebu...that sure will be funny!

Her album will include a duet with Sarah Geronimo and with a collaboration with Mr. Andrew that is something to look forward too and songs include Anne's favorites high notes Total Eclipse of the Heart, Alone and many watch out for it this coming August.

So it's not just a simple sample in Showtime anymore?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sunday Trip to Simala

IT was a bright Sunday morning of June 26, 2011 just a few days after Megan's third birthday. I had to get up 5:00 AM early for me right? hehehe...what can I say to that? the girl is just so so excited to go on this trip down south. With the other two kids already towed away to my in-laws then the morning preparations were smooth as cream...finally around 8:00 am we are already on board our precious bike.

We passed the lonely streets of Colon and Jones Ave., no traffic coz its Sunday, passing by Carbon Market, not too crowded either, and then to SRP, usually hubby drives a little speedier when its a very long trip and all I could do is make a sing of the cross...there i was tagging along in the ride for mostly 2 hours non-stop going to our destination.

I really like this trip particularly because Megan is already bigger, unlike the trips we had before, she can now enjoy the beauty of her surroundings, the mountains, the seashores, the cows, the goats, the carabaos..oh its a never ending shout of sheer delight and Im just happy to feel the breeze of fresh air touching my face and also the smell of the sea....gosh how i missed the outdoors and all those road trips.

By 11:00 am..we arrived at the gate of the Monastery and by then started to walk...all the way up to the Church. The Church itself has gotten bigger because the extension building is almost finished. The mass will start by 12:00 noon so we have an hour to stroll the whole Monastery, nothing much changed really except for the extension building...there are still many devotees and visitors from everywhere, we took our time posing for the pictures.

I have been visiting Simala for the past four years now and its usually after Megan's birthday, i cannot describe enough in words what i feel when i set foot on that mountain, despite the fatigue and the heat of the sun and long travel...when you get up there ...there is a sense of inner peace and happiness...I feel so blessed. Thank you Mama Mary for giving Megan into our lives. I will forever be grateful and will come back every year.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Are you watching KRIS TV?

Andak here signing in it's 9.30 am Tuesday morning, the kids are already in school and i have at least 2 hours to relax and i have a new hobby..watching kristv every morning...are you watching the show also?

Today is especially exciting because kristv is live and guess who is the guest? Anne Curtis and Jasmine Curtis and their dad. The show is now airing and can't wait for Anne to pop out in the screen.

I really like Kris Aquino's hosting style because its very natural and with her side comments about her love life, her events and trips. But you really know what i really like about her? She is genuinely interested with other people's lives and you can tell it when you listen to her questions and her reactions...thus making her work enjoyable and easy. And for a person with such stature in this country its very rare and its a true gift.

I have been watching kristv for a week now and so far its very enjoyable and the show features the winners of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 and the houses of celebrities, i like the one they did on Kim Chiu because i am also a fan of her...gosh i envy her shoes and her bags...nice taste Kim.

Wait i have to finish this post so that i can watch Anne..bye for now!

Andak signing off...