Monday, July 11, 2011

Are you watching KRIS TV?

Andak here signing in it's 9.30 am Tuesday morning, the kids are already in school and i have at least 2 hours to relax and i have a new hobby..watching kristv every morning...are you watching the show also?

Today is especially exciting because kristv is live and guess who is the guest? Anne Curtis and Jasmine Curtis and their dad. The show is now airing and can't wait for Anne to pop out in the screen.

I really like Kris Aquino's hosting style because its very natural and with her side comments about her love life, her events and trips. But you really know what i really like about her? She is genuinely interested with other people's lives and you can tell it when you listen to her questions and her reactions...thus making her work enjoyable and easy. And for a person with such stature in this country its very rare and its a true gift.

I have been watching kristv for a week now and so far its very enjoyable and the show features the winners of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 and the houses of celebrities, i like the one they did on Kim Chiu because i am also a fan of her...gosh i envy her shoes and her bags...nice taste Kim.

Wait i have to finish this post so that i can watch Anne..bye for now!

Andak signing off...

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