Monday, July 25, 2011

Is being Frugal means being cheapskate?

This really got me into thinking for weeks now because lately we have been short in cash and i caught myself thinking of those cash that we burned instead of saving it for dried up season.

Looking back, ever since i got married my lifestyle totally changed for being a monied person and what with those branded shoes and clothes...i had to give that up to make way for the baby.

I am not saying that i am feeling sorry for marrying a poor guy but i am not regretting it to say the least...i am perfectly happy even now. After my third baby i have to quit work and be a stay at home mom. That means, less money coming in and with a ballooning expenses. So we have to live frugally. We do not have to pay for electric bills, water bills, no mortgage, even no tuition fees to pay. Easy right? MAJOR WRONG!

Yes you guessed it...i live with my parents..they pay for you think that makes me happy? NO...its a big slap in the face and it stresses me out MORE. So now me and my husband, are trying our best not to be a burden...believe me its a real stresser.

With a $35 weekly do you think we will manage? We have to save, save and save. Even my own clothes i have to buy it in Ukay-ukay because it is cheaper there, our food we have to buy it in carbon market because its cheaper, but does it compromise everything? the answer is NO.

Here in the Philippines, there are lots of poor people and those who does not own a house, no regular work, cannot go to school, could not afford to go to hospitals, those who are just begging and waiting for charities...yeah those you can find it here...even worst. But if you can walk, can talk, and smart enough then you will survive. Just make your way through and be ready for hard work.

Our lifestyle is just simple but we are happy and content even if we have a frugal living. Does that make us cheap? No. We are being SMART.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping in sa blog ko. I think being frugal can mean different things to different people at different times. Parang ang redundant yata, haha.

andak2008 said...

yes very true