Friday, March 1, 2013

Truly Shined Like a Diamond on her 28th Birthday

If you are a fan of Anne Curtis and a follower too then you are in the loop! Last Sunday Anne's birthday performance in weekly noontime musical show ASAP was a stellar success! Not only was she shining with her performance, along with her the whole production props and the wet look it was a bomb! Not only that too, you know Anne she is a fashion forward icon in her own right, that slit? Yeah, even Jericho was shocked and do not know what to do, run to her and cover the supposed to be hidden diamonds(LOL!) Did she do it in purpose? We don't know! But we are pretty sure MTRCB is keeping an eye on ASAP. It is there job anyways! As to Anne, i am still a huge fan of yours! Wardrobe Malfunction or NOT, you ROCKED Philippines and every time you pop out on TV. You made sure that people will notice you and that is what makes you very interesting and yeah successful. We don't judge!