Monday, June 27, 2011

Pinoy Biggest LOSER!

Andak here has always been a fan of Biggest Loser franchise, the American version, its a very huge show in Australia, the Asian version and finally its here in Pinas!

The show aired three weeks already and it has been garnering many attention to viewers...especially to the likes of me who is struggling also with weights.

My favorite contestant really is Eboy not only because he is the heaviest among all of them but i really wanted to see the end of his journey. I want to see Eboy conquer this battle and the final result of his efforts inside the camp. Also i am keeping a close eye on the host herself...Sharon Cuneta, i can already see some results of her efforts also to be fit and healthy..and hopefully by the end of the show, she comes out more sexier than ever. I also noticed that not only 2 contestants came from Cebu..but i think 4 of them? Wow! Abs-cbn is really rooting Cebu and yes Cebu loves them back too..and all the Kapamilya shows.

Here are the compelete list of contestants for the "The Biggest Loser: Pinoy Edition"

Ryan Razon, 31, Pampanga
Edden Cruz, 35, Cebu
Enrique Rafael "Raffy" Tan, 22, Negros Occidental
Allan Choachuy, 40, Cebu
Charlene Hazel Chua, Bicol
Art Mendoza, 35, Makati
Angela Lupango, 26, Rizal
Winwin Cabinta, 18, Bukidnon
Eric Limatog, 22, Cebu
Jose "JM" Oloris, 32, Manila
Joy Siy, 25, Pasig City
Francisco "Eboy" Bautista, 33, Parañaque

One thing that is really negative of the show is Too much Crying and Drama..the show is supposed to be about losing weight and in the end its just a game and why do they cry soo much if one of their team member will be eliminated? I don't understand that and it looses focus! even the Host is also into crying...cut the crap guys and just stay on the game..this is not a teleserye you know! ang Pinoy talaga oo ang hilig sa iyakan!

Marcelito Pomoy of PILIPINAS GOT TALENT 2

Have you seen it last night?AMAZING TALENT!

When i Saw her burns i wanted to stop and ask her WHAT HAPPENED?

I saw her outside a store in Colon, many people stopped by and just looked at her...when i saw her burns my hurt was just crushed...i feel so sorry for her and lots of things came unto my mind...i wanted to stop and ask her what happened to her? why is she on the street begging for coins?is she still hurting?what about her family?did she do it purposely?Oh! all those questions stayed in my head for most of the day and even when i'm lying in my bed her face and her burns still haunt me...i feel sorry for her because i did not do anything...i am just like any other who just passed her...just looking and not caring enough to stop and be human to her. Why would someone do that to her?Was it acid?a fire?

Half of her body is burnt, her hair is falling apart and her face deformed...when i passed again i could not see her and then i asked to myself..where is she?is she ok now?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What makes a Very Good Writer?

Why have i asked this question?

Well simply because i am a very frustrated writer, since i learned how to read i always wanted to write something that is exciting, humorous, full of knowledge..stuffs like that but i could never really come up with something very interesting...i have tried to read self-help books about writing and i tried to broaden my reading...i also like to read blogs from wannabe writers like me...but all i could make out is more like a diary....have you experienced this too?

I want to write like Anne Rice..she is my idol and also Maya Angelou

Friday, June 10, 2011

What is Anne's new projects?

I am just asking this because i am kind of missing her. Seeing her every night on Green Rose and everyday in Showtime...but now that Green Rose has already ended...this made me ask what is her new projects in DOS?

I heard her say that she just finished shooting a commercial?(am i right?) in Thailand and that it will be aired soon not only here in the Philippines but around Asia that is good for her!

And her commercials, she is now singing right?is that bad because of her voice? nope... i like her shows her confidence and it just goes to show that she is always game for everything...and everybody likes her GUTS!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


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