Monday, June 27, 2011

When i Saw her burns i wanted to stop and ask her WHAT HAPPENED?

I saw her outside a store in Colon, many people stopped by and just looked at her...when i saw her burns my hurt was just crushed...i feel so sorry for her and lots of things came unto my mind...i wanted to stop and ask her what happened to her? why is she on the street begging for coins?is she still hurting?what about her family?did she do it purposely?Oh! all those questions stayed in my head for most of the day and even when i'm lying in my bed her face and her burns still haunt me...i feel sorry for her because i did not do anything...i am just like any other who just passed her...just looking and not caring enough to stop and be human to her. Why would someone do that to her?Was it acid?a fire?

Half of her body is burnt, her hair is falling apart and her face deformed...when i passed again i could not see her and then i asked to myself..where is she?is she ok now?

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