Thursday, March 22, 2012


Our skin is our first line of defense protecting us form bacterial, fungal or viral attacks. It has a natural defense called “ACID MANTLE” which is a slightly acidic natural layer produced by our body, able to destroy most any element or substance tending to intrude in our body. When this naturally balanced acid layer is disrupted or destroyed we are then vulnerable.

The market today is deluged with chemically loaded soaps and skin care products and has total disregard to its effect to the health. Study shows that sixty percent of skin care products applied to the skin is absorbed internally subjecting us to all sorts of mysterious ailments.

In truth, we should be free from skin diseases. The skin will take care of itself if its natural protection is not disrupted. Likewise your skin does not need artificial skin-aid and chemically loaded cosmetics because it has its own natural glow.

Jessa Herbal Beauty Soap brings out the natural health and glow of your skin as it contains natural extracts of carrot and papaya and is safe compatible with your skin acid mantle.

1. All natural carrot and papaya extracts.
2. No redness, no stinging pain, no peeling off.
3. No fear with your usual exposure to sunlight.
4. Contains vegetable oil. No animal fat. No mineral oil.
5. Reports from users reveal miraculous results such as healing of pimples, dandruff, body odor, skin asthma, seborrhea, psoriasis, prickly heat, brown spots, freckles, blockheads, white heads, hemorrhoids, eczema, buni, an-an, skin tags, warts, even quicken the healing of fresh wounds by washing.
6. A miraculous combination: papaya gently exfoliates dead skin and carrot with its Vit. A rejuvenates, giving you a natural healthy looking skin.
7. JESSA is PH-balanced. It does not disturb or destroy the natural acid mantle of your skin, which protects you from viral, fungal or bacterial infections. It not only brings out the natural grow of skin, it likewise retains its natural protection.
8. Safe for feminine wash.
9. JESSA eliminates body odor. You may not need deodorants and other skin care products containing harmful chemicals such as triclosan, propylene glycol, SLS and the likes. Those are designed to kill odor producing bacteria but likewise are absorbed into the body exposing you to risk of cancer, kidney, brain and liver problems.

10. JESSA can be your bath soap, feminine wash, shampoo, deodorant, and skin care for the entire body.

11. HALAL certified

12. Discover your own miracle with JESSA Herbal Beauty Soap. You can feel its immediate effect even before your first bar is consumed. With its multiple benefits and low price. JESSA is your wise choice.

Direction for Use: Lather soap in your hands and gently apply on face and body. Do not rub on your face with towel or foam. As shampoo, apply three (3) or four (4) times on scalp. For stubborn areas apply lather overnight.

Ordinary whitening soap leaves your skin red and dry. it damages the skin instead of healing it from the effects of harmful element in our invironment.

You can now have a skin that is white, soft. smooth, clean and blemish free. experience the perfect blend of two of nature's finest sources for skin care minerals: Papaya and carrot with JESSA HERBAL SOAP.

Proven to effectively get rid of pimples, acne, blackheads and whiteheads without the redness, peeling-off and stinging pain. It removes skin blemishes and whiten dark spots, giving you a lighter, fairer skin.


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