Monday, February 27, 2012

broken hearted fool

its been so long, so sad inside
who do i get to blame?
i am hurt that i am shutting down
we are together but then a world apart
have we lost it?
do we get to survive 'til the end?

its hard yet no words come out
its harder still cuz you act as if you don't care
the more that you ignore, the more that i become a stone
inside its crushing, its bleeding.

would have wanted to turn things around
would have wanted to go on and keep it alive
but is it all worth it?
or it is easier letting go?

i know i can.
i know i will.
its like jumping off a cliff..the second time around.

It is the end of February...i know, Valetine's Day is over but then why do we celebrate love only on the 14th? March is just around the corner, i will be very busy by that time so i am finishing this piece to honor my love in case if ever i forget..(how sad).

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