Sunday, September 25, 2011


For weeks i have been keeping my mouth shut and keeping my blog silent because i want to take a pause and its like giving myself a breather...hahahaha..but in all honesty i have been crossing my fingers and holding my breath..i could not contain myslef..HOW WILL IT END? WILL IT BE WORTH IT? WILL WE BE SATISFIED? AFTER ALL THE DRAMA?

Well, for a start...everything must come to an end so that another story, another chapter will unfold..right? yeah RIGHT! What about you? Were you satisfied with the ending of GUNS' AND ROSES? Has ABEL MARASIGAN been given due justice? and a SWEET victory TOWARDS THE END? MAYBE...MAYBE...he got REIGN and MARCUS was imprisoned...Don Lucio died too soon...he was not that bad was the that really hate your kin so much?

ALL in all i am happy with the ending...but im gonna miss watching the show.

Now, lets go to the PINOY BIGGEST LOSER! Who do you think will be the BIGGEST LOSER?

I have to say this..pardon me ok but i hate that the show is turning MUSHY AND corny...ITS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN AND EXCITING AND whoaaaah..ROMANTIC? Ang Pinoy talaga!

I really hope ARt wins..he deserves it!

By the way, i watched the tribute of MMK lat night...very good..brings back lots of memory...i never realized it until last night that i grew up watching the show..and its been 20 years!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


IF you are a true blue KAPAMILYA then you surely are at the edge of your seat every night!

Things are really rolling in to the deep as KAPAMILYA SHOWS are gearing up towards the ending of GUNS AND ROSES and my favorite...PINOY BIGGEST LOSER!

NASAAN KA ELIZA? This new show is fast paced...not your typical teleserye and it has such an intriguing plot that you keep on guessing...and pretty sure we all look forward to every episodes as more of the story is revealed...and all those dirty secrets!

And mind you...after watching the episode of MY BINONDO GIRL last night...makes me want to try out Zeny's recipe of Siomai...believe me at 9.00 o'clock last night i have that sudden urge to go to the kitchen and make the Tasty Siomai..wahahahaha!

Then we come to Guns and Roses...oh how i hate MARCUS AGUILAR and PEPE MARASIGAN! why OH WHY can they get away with smart can they be? and leaving ABEL so helpless and desperate? oh well...i just have to wait for the ENDING..i am sure ...very sure that ABEL WILL WIN! Right? HEROES always win.

PINOY BIGGEST LOSER! HAZEL IS BACK! What a shocker right? Does this mean that she will compete with Raffy? Oh! the love birds..great! Hazel outwitted all of the other ex-contestants! But i don't mind..everything is now its the FAB FIVE!

FINAL week and then the first ever GRAND the star magic ball?hehehehehe?

WHAT ABOUT YOU? WHO do you think will be the first ever PINOY BIGGEST LOSER? ANY LEAKS IN THERE?

Saturday, September 10, 2011


BEEN watching this week's episode of PINOY BIGGEST LOSER because the ex-contestants are making a huge come back...though the TOP 4 is kinda feeling it UNFAIR but then Sharon explained to them the real purpose of the new as to challenge them more and real strength comes out in how you face again the old opponents..and whoever comes out will be indeed a HUGE WIN!

AS THE FINALE is nearing and the top 4 getting fitter, the challenges getting tougher and more difficult, this is the part of the competition i really look forward to. Whoever will get the slot 5, i am sure it will not be an easy task. I would have loved ALLAN to see on the finale..he is such a huge threat to the top 4 that he opt to vote him out when they got the chance!

I still am rooting for ANGELA, as the only female survivor to face the three men...and to make it this far...she is a force to reckon with..she will not quit!

This is the picture of Angela when entered the CAMP, and boy what difference!

Now that her face is more defined, she is really pretty!

TOP 4:

Art Mendoza, 35, Makati

Angela Lupango, 26, Rizal

Enrique Rafael "Raffy" Tan, 22, Negros Occidental

Larry Martin, 36, Camarines Sur


ANOTHER reason why i love SATURDAYS..its because of JUNIOR MASTERCHEF!

In their episode last night...the final batch was challenged to with SEAFOODS!

Oh boy...i so envied the shrimps and the i wish i was there to grab my share too..and here i am thinking that i am a good cook myself. Those kids really can cook and create such impressive seafood dishes. I am really impressed!

What was your favorite seafood dish last night? Me? SHRIMPS, SHRIMPS AND MORE SHRIMPS, second is the KUNONOT NA PAGI. My dad can cook LINARANG NA PAGI..we call it here KIAMPAW in Cebu and there are techniques to master so that the foul smell of PAGi will disappear and really it is a difficult dish to execute. So TWO THUMBS UP again to those kids...even those who did not make it to the top 30.

When it comes to cooking...i have like TONS AND TONS of things to learn and THOUSANDS OF hours to practice in the kitchen.

So looking forward for next week!

Monday, September 5, 2011

ANNE CURTIS In Gandang Gabi Vice!

It was Showtime but we had an ANNE ATTACK! Anne commercials, Anne in ASAP, Anne in Rated K, and Anne in Gandang Gabi Vice...she is not that busy noh?

But honestly i really don't mind...she is Anneterefic!

Gandang Gabi Vice started with the usual Vice Ganda singing her opening number..its already September so she sang a Christmas song...then the trio of Happy Yippe Yihey came out RJR...then come throwing of Punchlines making the people laugh more and more! I guess its really not funny when your face is the one making others laugh...when you are not even a comedian..wahahahaha!

Then came out Anne...ang Diyosa!

She made different poses for different magazines...both Anne and Vice are like little children...they couldn't care less...they are having so much fun!

She sang her signature song different versions...Rock, R&B and operatic...Anne is really game..she never says no..even if Vice is making fun of her na!

Well, all in all it was a fun show! What a way to end the Sunday night!