Saturday, September 10, 2011


ANOTHER reason why i love SATURDAYS..its because of JUNIOR MASTERCHEF!

In their episode last night...the final batch was challenged to with SEAFOODS!

Oh boy...i so envied the shrimps and the i wish i was there to grab my share too..and here i am thinking that i am a good cook myself. Those kids really can cook and create such impressive seafood dishes. I am really impressed!

What was your favorite seafood dish last night? Me? SHRIMPS, SHRIMPS AND MORE SHRIMPS, second is the KUNONOT NA PAGI. My dad can cook LINARANG NA PAGI..we call it here KIAMPAW in Cebu and there are techniques to master so that the foul smell of PAGi will disappear and really it is a difficult dish to execute. So TWO THUMBS UP again to those kids...even those who did not make it to the top 30.

When it comes to cooking...i have like TONS AND TONS of things to learn and THOUSANDS OF hours to practice in the kitchen.

So looking forward for next week!

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