Thursday, September 15, 2011


IF you are a true blue KAPAMILYA then you surely are at the edge of your seat every night!

Things are really rolling in to the deep as KAPAMILYA SHOWS are gearing up towards the ending of GUNS AND ROSES and my favorite...PINOY BIGGEST LOSER!

NASAAN KA ELIZA? This new show is fast paced...not your typical teleserye and it has such an intriguing plot that you keep on guessing...and pretty sure we all look forward to every episodes as more of the story is revealed...and all those dirty secrets!

And mind you...after watching the episode of MY BINONDO GIRL last night...makes me want to try out Zeny's recipe of Siomai...believe me at 9.00 o'clock last night i have that sudden urge to go to the kitchen and make the Tasty Siomai..wahahahaha!

Then we come to Guns and Roses...oh how i hate MARCUS AGUILAR and PEPE MARASIGAN! why OH WHY can they get away with smart can they be? and leaving ABEL so helpless and desperate? oh well...i just have to wait for the ENDING..i am sure ...very sure that ABEL WILL WIN! Right? HEROES always win.

PINOY BIGGEST LOSER! HAZEL IS BACK! What a shocker right? Does this mean that she will compete with Raffy? Oh! the love birds..great! Hazel outwitted all of the other ex-contestants! But i don't mind..everything is now its the FAB FIVE!

FINAL week and then the first ever GRAND the star magic ball?hehehehehe?

WHAT ABOUT YOU? WHO do you think will be the first ever PINOY BIGGEST LOSER? ANY LEAKS IN THERE?

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