Sunday, September 25, 2011


For weeks i have been keeping my mouth shut and keeping my blog silent because i want to take a pause and its like giving myself a breather...hahahaha..but in all honesty i have been crossing my fingers and holding my breath..i could not contain myslef..HOW WILL IT END? WILL IT BE WORTH IT? WILL WE BE SATISFIED? AFTER ALL THE DRAMA?

Well, for a start...everything must come to an end so that another story, another chapter will unfold..right? yeah RIGHT! What about you? Were you satisfied with the ending of GUNS' AND ROSES? Has ABEL MARASIGAN been given due justice? and a SWEET victory TOWARDS THE END? MAYBE...MAYBE...he got REIGN and MARCUS was imprisoned...Don Lucio died too soon...he was not that bad was the that really hate your kin so much?

ALL in all i am happy with the ending...but im gonna miss watching the show.

Now, lets go to the PINOY BIGGEST LOSER! Who do you think will be the BIGGEST LOSER?

I have to say this..pardon me ok but i hate that the show is turning MUSHY AND corny...ITS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN AND EXCITING AND whoaaaah..ROMANTIC? Ang Pinoy talaga!

I really hope ARt wins..he deserves it!

By the way, i watched the tribute of MMK lat night...very good..brings back lots of memory...i never realized it until last night that i grew up watching the show..and its been 20 years!

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