Thursday, November 3, 2011

Its been A WHILE! nOW cHRISTMAS IS coming!


I know its been months since i last made my blog be honest i just lost a little interest in blogging and yeah its getting monotonous trying to review all the shows that i watch in ABS-CBN and everywhere else when you guys know it already..its like retelling it again and again....blah blah blah.

But on a serious note i would like to say CONDOLENCE TO CHARICE for such a great loss...i am pretty sure losts of Chasters are also shocked with the news right?

And what has been happening to KAPAMILYA SHOWS?Anything exciting? BUDOY is fun to watch..its pretty amazing how Gerald Anderson can capture that character of a special children loves BUDOY! and i do too because it shares lots of family values and character formation that are not present in other shows...see that is what i like about ABS-CBN it is their advocacy to teach young children right values and character and how to be a Filipino.

I know that this is kinda late i just want to react on PGT3 winner...i really think that El PEnumbra deserves it the most!

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