Saturday, December 1, 2012

How can i not LOVE YOu?

Guys just want to share this song to all! This song been playing in my head for many nights now....sing along! The movie by the way is King and I

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Bold & The Beautiful Anne Curtis on Kris TV

It was a surprising friday morning when i turned on the Tv and there i saw the sexy Anne Curtis chatting with miss Kris Aquino! She is currently promoting her latest movie A Secret Affair which will be shown next week, i personally am not interested with the movie(sorry Anne) its because i already saw The Other Woman and just this recently Bea Alonzo's The it a sin to compare the three movies mentioned above? Of course we already know the set-up and its up for them to give it twists and turns but yeah i think for now i have already seen enough third party themes...i think it is also USO in Koreanovela's that I can see in i interested enough to see it?not really...i still can;t get over The Mistress. But i think she can handle the pressure and she does not need to prove herself or break some records with her recent movie...i am glad that she is busy with lots of projects and i know that she is happy with her French boyfriend. Really Anne has come a long way and she is a solid name in the industry already...i am excited for her teleserye with Kris next year.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I sooo LOVE watching SARAH G LIVE!

I am kind of missing Sarah G. on ASAP Live but watching her with her own show is a real treat for me every Sunday evening! Like last Sunday when she had guest like Miss Lani Misalucha...yeah i know Lani is all over tv because of her upcoming show in Resorts World but hearing her sing again her signature song is really a unique experience and a duet with Sarah?It is something that you don't want to miss...well i did not miss it! I also love Sarah G's closing portion...wherein Sarah will sing what is inside her is very real and very Sarah! I now admire Sarah for her dedication towards her craft as an artist and i have really seen her grown up to be a beautiful woman that she is...i do not care about her bashers...they are everywhere but with Sarah just keep what you are doing because you are good with it and i know someday God has prepared someone who is truly deserving of your LOVE.

Friday, July 20, 2012


I am SURE you have already seen that episode of KrisTV where they toured different parts of the Philippines and cooked/sampled the different kind of ADOBO'S of Pinoys...the most that i can relate to is the simple one, the usual ADOBO that we like and have grown up eating with...but it is very interesting to know that there are many ways and twists emerging from different Provinces. But then again i like Krissy's version of ADOBO the dry one of course because when there is a sauce then we call it ADOBAW here in Cebu. And after watching Krissy and DARLA taste all of those delicious versions of ADOBO its a sin not to cook them for my family..SO IT WAS AN ADOBO WEEKEND! tHANK U KRIS!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Anne Curtis @ Sara G LIVE!

I know you have seen it already and i know my post is kinda late..hehehehe..but just the same...i made this post! We all know that Anne is BACK!and i really do not care if the movie she made is just an INDIE film or is a movie, an international movie and it is a huge exposure and a big step to her career..if no one can appreciate that then what? LOSERS!!!!! LAST Sunday Anne Curtis sang and danced the night away with our very own Sarah G...gosh i love those killer shoes! I love Anne's humble comment when she said that Sarah never did say anything bad about her trying to be a singer...Sarah is very supportive of Anne's singing career...KUDOS to Sarah for such a wonderful heart! That is a mark of a true artist...very secure and supportive to others!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Anne Curtis is chasing the Hollywood dream! Blood Ransom (not connected to the book by Sophie McKenzie's of the same title) is a crime/thriller/suspense movie. When Ogie Diaz twitted about Anne Curtis' latest stunt in Hollywood sometime end of May...Anne quickly denied about it but now it turns out to be true...can you blame Anne if she kept it a secret for a while? I think no, She did the right thing...baka nga naman maudlot or she is not yet allowed to say anything right? Let us support Anne's movie guys!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Kris TV visited BOHOL!

Nakaka-inggit ka talaga Kris!IKAW NA! Nagpaka adventurous ka pa..Bongga! Nasa Cebu lang ako pero never pa akung nakatapak sa Bohol..kawawa naman me! One thing i like about Kris' feature in Bohol is that she mentioned the cleanliness of the whole island and how the people maintained it because it really has been the old tradition of the Boholanos to clean the surroundings before the breakfast and then again in the afternoon before the sun sets...that is our old way of life in the province right? And its not already practiced in the cities that is why we are so dirty that even if there are so many sweepers..our surroundings is still very unkept!

Monday, May 28, 2012

So where in the world is Anne Curtis?Anyone knows?

Anne Curtis leaves 'It's Showtime' | ABS-CBN News

Ay! its very sad that our dyosa will not be around anymore when we watch It's Showtime...syempre its not the same right? But then she said that its just a temporary thing and that she needed to leave for a more important project....what is it?She said that is not allowed yet to reveal...good for you Anne...dreams do come true and i wish you all the luck in the world! there you go girl! make us all proud once again!

Anne Curtis in America's Next Top Model

Ang Dyosa ng Kagandahan will wear Francis Libiran's creations as she will be featured in America's Next Top kana talaga Anne...pang international na talaga ang beauty mo!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


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Monday, February 27, 2012

broken hearted fool

its been so long, so sad inside
who do i get to blame?
i am hurt that i am shutting down
we are together but then a world apart
have we lost it?
do we get to survive 'til the end?

its hard yet no words come out
its harder still cuz you act as if you don't care
the more that you ignore, the more that i become a stone
inside its crushing, its bleeding.

would have wanted to turn things around
would have wanted to go on and keep it alive
but is it all worth it?
or it is easier letting go?

i know i can.
i know i will.
its like jumping off a cliff..the second time around.

It is the end of February...i know, Valetine's Day is over but then why do we celebrate love only on the 14th? March is just around the corner, i will be very busy by that time so i am finishing this piece to honor my love in case if ever i forget..(how sad).

Anne Curtis in Cebu!

Wow! Anne-bisyosa will finally be here this coming March...and her concert will be held in Waterfront Lahug, Cebu City...who knew right?

Who would have thought that everything that she has been dreaming about will materialize?...i always hear Anne say that DREAMS DO COME TRUE! Does this apply to everybody too? The singer-wannabes? like me?wahahahaha! its a wild thought but yeah i am also a frustrated singer like Anne..but yeah lets face it..Anne Curtis is Anne Curtis right? Whatever she thinks of doing..may it be serious or just for fun..people just love her and adore her.

And what is great about Anne is that she is not pretentious and so trying hard that she can become a very great i quote her "I AM NOT A SINGER BUT AN ENTERTAINER".
She knows where her limitations are and she makes fun of herself...everything becomes FUNNY! AND YEAH DAMN ENTERTAINING.

am SOOOO looking forward to her concert...hope to be there too.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


After new year What i really most look forward to is SINULOG and even while celebrating and waiting for the new year to usher in ..where we prepare for our media noche and dancing to the music...once in a while the SINULOG BEAT comes that very familiar beat of the drum that we so love to dance..and then you know it is coming.

This year however, SINULOG 2012 is a bit early compared to last year so CHEERS to all the Cebuanos, the Devotee and ALL OF US WHO LOVES SENYOR STO. NIÑO!

While we wait for the grand parade and the fiesta...the locals can really enjoy the festivity more with less crowd..because the street parade and dancing starts early within the week...and if you hate the crowd...come out to the street to watch the opening salvo, the parade of the dancers like SINULOG SA KABATAAN, SINULOG SA LALAWIGAN, SINULOG SA DAKBAYAN...less crowd and plenty of room to roam about the city of Cebu.

Here are some of the shots i got a last week!ENJOY!pit SENYOR!