Monday, September 5, 2011

ANNE CURTIS In Gandang Gabi Vice!

It was Showtime but we had an ANNE ATTACK! Anne commercials, Anne in ASAP, Anne in Rated K, and Anne in Gandang Gabi Vice...she is not that busy noh?

But honestly i really don't mind...she is Anneterefic!

Gandang Gabi Vice started with the usual Vice Ganda singing her opening number..its already September so she sang a Christmas song...then the trio of Happy Yippe Yihey came out RJR...then come throwing of Punchlines making the people laugh more and more! I guess its really not funny when your face is the one making others laugh...when you are not even a comedian..wahahahaha!

Then came out Anne...ang Diyosa!

She made different poses for different magazines...both Anne and Vice are like little children...they couldn't care less...they are having so much fun!

She sang her signature song different versions...Rock, R&B and operatic...Anne is really game..she never says no..even if Vice is making fun of her na!

Well, all in all it was a fun show! What a way to end the Sunday night!

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