Friday, July 20, 2012


I am SURE you have already seen that episode of KrisTV where they toured different parts of the Philippines and cooked/sampled the different kind of ADOBO'S of Pinoys...the most that i can relate to is the simple one, the usual ADOBO that we like and have grown up eating with...but it is very interesting to know that there are many ways and twists emerging from different Provinces. But then again i like Krissy's version of ADOBO the dry one of course because when there is a sauce then we call it ADOBAW here in Cebu. And after watching Krissy and DARLA taste all of those delicious versions of ADOBO its a sin not to cook them for my family..SO IT WAS AN ADOBO WEEKEND! tHANK U KRIS!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Anne Curtis @ Sara G LIVE!

I know you have seen it already and i know my post is kinda late..hehehehe..but just the same...i made this post! We all know that Anne is BACK!and i really do not care if the movie she made is just an INDIE film or is a movie, an international movie and it is a huge exposure and a big step to her career..if no one can appreciate that then what? LOSERS!!!!! LAST Sunday Anne Curtis sang and danced the night away with our very own Sarah G...gosh i love those killer shoes! I love Anne's humble comment when she said that Sarah never did say anything bad about her trying to be a singer...Sarah is very supportive of Anne's singing career...KUDOS to Sarah for such a wonderful heart! That is a mark of a true artist...very secure and supportive to others!