Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Anne Curtis @ Sara G LIVE!

I know you have seen it already and i know my post is kinda late..hehehehe..but just the same...i made this post! We all know that Anne is BACK!and i really do not care if the movie she made is just an INDIE film or etc....it is a movie, an international movie and it is a huge exposure and a big step to her career..if no one can appreciate that then what? LOSERS!!!!! LAST Sunday Anne Curtis sang and danced the night away with our very own Sarah G...gosh i love those killer shoes! I love Anne's humble comment when she said that Sarah never did say anything bad about her trying to be a singer...Sarah is very supportive of Anne's singing career...KUDOS to Sarah for such a wonderful heart! That is a mark of a true artist...very secure and supportive to others!

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