Friday, July 29, 2011

Who's the HOTTEST LASTNIGHT?Pinoy Biggest Loser

Were you able to watch the episode of Pinoy Biggest Loser last night? Derek Ramsay presented the 10 finalists. When the finalists walks into the catwalk and they did a side to side comparison of their old bodies made out of a life sized cardboard...its really funny and inspiring to see their reactions...some cried, some laughed and joked about their old selves.

I saw that the boys were kind of dressed alike...Ryan, Raffy and what is the name of the new guy again Oh Andy...they wore a Khaki Jacket over the Black Shirt. Tatay Art, Mang Larry were formally dressed. Now, talking about Mang Larry have you seen him?what a transformation! He can play some roles in action movies..a cop maybe?you know he's got the face and the aura...then comes out Eboy! When i see Eboy he instantly puts a smile on my face...I would really love to see Eboy loss more that would be a treat to watch..maybe in the finale? Oh i am crossing my fingers....but he is injured...i hope he surpasses that.

Then the girls, Hazel, Angela and Leigh looked AMAZING and GORGEOUS! There are some fats still to shed but you can really see the difference in their attitudes and what a confidence! WINWIN came out and everybody cheered! She did some very funny poses like a true blue model would..why not?they own the walk!

Overall, the show last night was GREAT and i know it will get more exciting and difficult in the coming weeks...i have seen the FINALE of Australian Editions, the American Editions and even Asian Edition where our very own Genghis Khan became a i know what to expect already...and i can't wait to see Sharon Cuneta also shed off some weights...i heard that she is a working progress..GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU GUYS!

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