Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Keepin’ my sanity in such an insane world

After sending my kids to school and after a hearty breakfast and coffee i am now sitting in a quite room facing my ever loyal friend...the monitor. Today is the 3rd day of August, this is the same time last year that i have renewed my interest in my blog, my fb account, my twitter, in short my cyberspace identity. Before, my focus is merely on my family and i feel so isolated at times that its so hopeless..what i just needed was a break time away from the real world.

My blog is doing fine, i now ranked 284 in the not so impressive but an achievement already for a person like me...of course i would have wanted more talk about being human...sigh! I make an effort to write at least 4-7 articles per month it really depends on my mood but i am sure in the coming months things will really get exciting for me. Why? Because my kids are now bigger and i now have more free time to explore, take pictures, indulge in an adventure, go to new that is more exciting right?

This personal page of mine is very open to the public and i have my reasons why i am making this...i am suffering from a mild dementia and i easily forget things..what a terrible memory i got!So this blog is actually helping me remember and i want to show this blog to my kids someday in case i totally lost my memory..sad right?but its the truth.

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