Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent: PINOYS CAN REALLY SING!

IF you have been watching and a HUGE fan of PILIPINAS GOT TALENT..then you know what i am talking about...last Sunday night was the last day of AUDITIONS for the third season and then by next week they will be starting the JUDGES the judges will be starting to deliberate, debate and choose..making the list of SEMI-FINALISTS.

NOW before we proceed for the next level...let us recall, analyze and reminisce of the weeks that have passed and even the past seasons!

IT is PILIPINAS GOT TALENT and singing is like the NATIONAL past time of what can you expect? Most of those of auditioned are singers, be it professionals, amateurs, wannabes, the annoying, the weirdos, the oldies(looking for a second shot of fame)name it..all kinds of singers...why not..its a free country..all you have to bring is a huge bag of GUTS!

BUT last night someone really stood out..she is like the next CHARICE and i think that she will be a strong contender this can we expect another singer for a GRAND WINNER? Next to JOVIT BALDOVINO AND MARCELITO PO MOY? WE really love singer noh?

WHAT is her name again?

She is just 11 yrs. old and she sang perfectly the songs of Whitney Houston's famous songs (I HAVE NOTHING & I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU)...OH i really forgot her name!

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