Monday, August 29, 2011


WOW! AMAZING! WHAT A TALENT and GREAT COOKING SKILLS! its already a SHOWDOWN and to think the show just aired the first episode of JUNIOR MASTERCHEF PINOY EDITION!

Last Saturday the first episode aired and 60 kid contestants paraded with a cheerful crowd of parents welcomed them to their is HUGE by the way and really a true copy of the kitchen that we see in JUNIOR MASTERCHEF a fan of that show by the way but sad to say most of the dishes that are featured in the AUSTRALIAN Edition somehow i could not relate since we don't eat those kind of foods...and now that PINOY EDITION is here..i couldn't be more HAPPIER! AND PROUDER.

First challenge for the 20 kid contestants was to create a dish that they usually serve during FIESTA celebration..A KID from CEBU cooked PORK CALDERETA and yes PHILIP made it through the second round...AND THEN other kids from other regions of the ARCHIPELAGO created their dishes..most are very new to my eyes and it really IMPRESSED ME...technically wise, execution, creativity and to perform in such TIME PRESSURE..FOR ME all of them are already winners!

THE hosts were very good in commending the talents of the kids and MS. JUDY ANN SANTOS-AGONCILLO is very fitting and fun to handle the kiddos...she still has that charisma!

NEXT WEEK will be the second batch and i think they will be serving DESSERTS!

SO, see you guys next week!

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