Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maria Aragon: She is an Inspiration to my Kids

Its all over the news lately and Maria Aragon is slowly gaining popularity all over the world. She is the new Youtube sensation and of course I checked her out on youtube and every one of her videos we watched it together with my kids including her cover of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" where she is playing the piano...oh boy my kids asked for a Piano to me and they want to learn it and play with it. I know that at age 5 4 and 2 they still could not fully understand the concept of it and how to play it properly but when i searched and looked for that old organ that was junked years ago...i was so happy when i found it again...we don't need to buy(yehey!)...now everyday the kids play with it and pretend to sing and tinker the organ just like Maria....now going back to Maria.. she really got the talent in music, her voice is very good and if she practices more i know she will make it to the top....and the support of the family is really there...so GOODLUCK girl..thanks for inspiring me and my kids!

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