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Drink And Alcohol - Signs Of Alcoholic Life

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For some drinking is a way to wind down after a hard days work, a busy day, a stressful day, one day that is filled with many small stresses combined with a potential lifetime of personal failures.

Life has a habit of bringing us down whether we strive to be the best at what we do, or we fail at what we try to do, drink plays a part in many lives socially, some people are fine having the occasional drink while others have the mother of all binge drinks that they find themselves quickly despairing in a pit of depression.

As something of a binge drinker myself, although I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm an alcoholic, but that could be denial and not the one in Egypt!

This is a discussion and an in depth discovery into the lives of alcoholics and the way they try to cover up their bad habit, this is not an exhaustive web page but rather an excorsism of a few demons for some.

Typically, the signs of alcoholism are apparent to many close to the person who is afflicted or obsessed with drink, they might appear normal when they have not had a drink but their behaviours subsequently changes when they have had several drinks, a lot alcoholics become secretive about their habit, and they hide bottles of drink anywhere were they won't be found out, in doing so, they remain normal to outsiders and it becomes a personal habit that they think are in control of.

Some cases you might find that a heavy drinker starts off drinking beer or something low in alcohol, then when the alcoholic nature of booze takes effect then a higher alcohol in take is required to become more intoxicated by high volume spirits such as whisky, vodka or rum,spirits obviously increase the likely hood of liver problems and speed up the process of liver failure later in life if not sooner.

Other signs might include the sweats and bad breath, while this could be attributed to being over weight, these are the two common symptoms of alcy drinkers.

Alcoholics tend to drink their drinks faster than anyone else too and if the term binge drinker is to be announced here then alcoholics are generally binge drinkers too, typically an alcoholic could start drinking at any time of the day morning, noon or night.

Like most legal substances that people get addicted to such as alcohol and tobacco it ruins the lives of those around them as they get involved in your world as it were, they either deal with the situations that they find you in due to the stage of the alcoholic disease, or they become part of the problem by fueling the drink by giving in to your drinking addiction, quite often though drink leads into other areas of domestic violence, assault and even death.

Getting addicted to drinking alcohol is truly one of the worst things that anyone can do with their life, potentially as it can shorten ones life and just one drink can lead to many for some and where does it end?

An early grave is no good especially when there are kids involved, and they see you drinking, they'll think it's alright and they may end up like you, addicted to drink and no way out.

Just anyone...try and drink sensibly because a good morning hangover has got to be a sign that doing this everyday is just not good, not good at all!

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