Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Chef In Me: My love affair with food and cooking

I belong to a large family who everybody knows how to cook starting from my grandparents, to my uncles, my aunts and even my our house i was the only one who does not know how to cook and everybody knows that....even my father is disappointed in me for not trying.

Now, as i have a family of my own and think about the pressure of producing three meals a day for five i have no choice but to learn it from the scratch. I must admit that i am not such a great cook but this lady is trying hard and the mere fact that i love to eat...i start to watch my mother, i copy her style of cooking even to the way how she prepares the ingredients and her seasonings...because that is what i am used to...i also watch lots of cooking shows in it: Top Chef, Master Chef, Iron Chef of America, Junior Master Chef, Hell's Kitchen, The Next IRon Chef, Bobby Flay's shows, Giada De Laurentis, Rachel Ray, Martha's Kitchen, Barefoot Contessa, Emeril's, i am sorry if i missed anyone..hehehehe.

Going back to my side of cooking, firstly i do not have my own kitchen and i am not the lady of the is still my mother you my self confidence is not that high...but then again my husband loves my cooking and that is enough for me, we both love to prepare seafoods, chicken, pork and vegetables.

Personally i want to study culinary arts or just cooking because i want to improve my skills and but as of now i could not afford it with the lack of time and money so then again i have to the net for recipes and try and cook it and let hubby be the judge.

Thats it for now...i will let you know of my progress!

How i wish i have a kitchen like this

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