Friday, March 18, 2011

What is Wrong with IMORTAL lately?

Sorry guys to disappoint you but i think that the story of ABS-CBN's IMORTAL is getting down to the drag and their action sequences are so lousy that i have to turn off the tv because of pure frustration. Not to mention the character of LUCAS( Rico Blanco) oh he is so useless and his acting is so dead. The story so far? well they are making it longer and longer and its running in circles. To tell you the truth i have to watch the trailer in the internet again just to remember how great the start was and the succeeding episodes but lately? duh! Have you noticed it also guys? because i know for a fact that the original director (Chito S. Roño) is not part of the show that the reason why Lia Ortega and Mateo Rodriguez is running and running and flying up in harnesses endlessly?

Mateo is now a Vampire but now he is so useless. I loved him better when he was just human because he thinks better!

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