Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My struggle with WEIGHT

Now i am close to 60kls...sigh...how did i get this big?Then thinking of the foods that i ate, the alcohols that i drank, the midnight cravings, the snacks in the afternoon, the laziness to do the chores around the house, the hours of sitting down facing Facebook, the lack of walking exercises...then no wonder i get to be this big.

I have to admit that every time someone tells me how big i am, i am a step lower with my self-esteem, people please do try to be sensitive about other people's feeling here...its not that i am blind and that i could not see my fats, but will just shut up if you got nothing good to say?

As a result, my internet time is cut down because i have to have an active lifestyle right?and then again we have to save power consumption because its already sooo expensive here in Phils.

Every day i clean our room, i scrub(lampaso) for more than an hour with the music background and while scrubbing i also do dance moves..how convenient right? I am now in my second week and i plan to work harder, i also take a slimming pill and i am watching everything that i eat.

So for now, no pictures yet but mind you next time you will see me i will be asking for you compliments ok?

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Anonymous said...

Sarap kgatin ng image.. Hehehehe! :-)