Sunday, April 28, 2013

A New Leash on Life

This blog has been practically dead, for a year, this used to be my baby and then when lots of hope and aspirations Boom! I just abandoned it. Like I always tell myself, I am too busy to post and also I know deep down inside that small voice is telling me, I am just not that inspired anymore, that old me is gone, that passionate side of me is forgotten. ! Then again, life goes on, I now maintain an online job, I still take care of the kids, though I know I am not that great as a mom, I am more into reading e-books now just getting back that old habit of reading is a great feeling in fact I have more than a hundred titles waiting for me and yeah did I mention it feels great? Just last week I attended a summit for online workers like me and it is good to meet people who have works like you, sharing experiences and ideas atop a mountain with the good old moon, it was a great relaxing experience. Also just yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend a meetup of all Cebuanas on the Web, it was a sponsored event and it was very enlightening, heartwarming, informative and it was once experience that I will never forget. You see, I am trying to get back on the track here, I am once again inspired to revive this blog, to make a change, not the whole world but with every little step in a very little way that I can. I hope to keep the fire burning, now that I am up and running again, I am now hoping to be more confident with my work, my passion, my being and I pray that whoever reads this, I have inspired you too to find what is your true passion in life, what truly makes you happy and continue to be an inspiration to others. In this life I continue to wander, to pursue my dreams until the end. That I can say yeah that was some ADVENTURE

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