Thursday, September 11, 2008

I love you?

I have been a member of mylot for two years but never really got to concentrate on it because i'm always busy with my dayjob. Now, im making it a habit to pay visit and stay in mylot for 2 hours or more, adding friends, posting topics that i really cannot get out of my head until i post it in mylot, uploading pictures. With mylot i can do a lot of stuff, its like a one stop shop for me...what about you? are you a memeber of this wonderful community?if so just click the link below to sign up...its free!

Banner Maker
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XR said...

you should try to integrate yr referral links in the banner.

andak2008 said...

i do not know how to integrate it.

Emaniuz said...

It only needs basic coding and you can learn that one by studying basic html or ccs and you will discover the rest. there are various sources in the internet. another one, and imung header taas kau dn dili na mkita ang description sa blog after sa title. search sa internet ug free templates then try until you find perfect layout na imu ganahan.