Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So what is your Gift to yourself this Christmas?

I know that we all want something somehow right? Maybe it could be a new shoes, new clothes, new phones, new car, or anything material that we can make us happy and glad. But aside from those things we also ask for gifts that could not be bought in stores, that could not be wrapped and hey..cannot even be seen. A simple thought would do, that will be something more special, more meaningful and it could last a lifetime.

Me? if you ask me what i want this Christmas? PAtience and more understanding, patience because i easily loose my temper and i lash out in just a matter of seconds and more understanding of course because we parents always think that we are right all the time not knowing that we fail to listen to our children...we even sometimes play GOD that we know everything...those two mentioned above i ask and pray that the LORD will grant me this Christmas season...MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE AND HAVE A FRUITFUL NEW YEAR ahead!

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